7 Best Kredittkort of 2021

In this article, we will do a brief review of the 7 best kredittkort (that’s “credit card” in Norwegian) of 2021. We will discuss the rewards available, welcome offer, annual fee, and other advantages and disadvantages they might have.

Without wasting further time, let’s begin…

Citi® Double Cash Card

This card is a perfect choice for those looking for a card (kort) with the best cashback offer. Any time you make a purchase, you receive 2% cash back at a uniform rate: 1% once the purchase is made and another 1% after paying for your kredittkort.

This card also allows you to change your rewards into ThankYou points. These points can then be moved to aircraft miles provided you have a Citi Prestige® or Citi Premier® Card.

There are no welcome offers and no annual fee. Hence, you won’t be getting any bonuses during your initial kort setup. Consequently, the absence of such bonuses doesn’t feel so much like a rip-off given you aren’t charged any fee at the end of the year.


1. You get more reward point earnings as your purchases increase. All you need is to ensure your monthly bill is paid.

2. No cap on your cashback earnings. Therefore, you can receive as much cashback as possible without any interest or fees.

3. Does not require an annual fee.

4. Introductory Annual Percentage Rate for balance transfers in the first 18 months. After this period, the APR varies depending on one’s creditworthiness.


1. Charges for foreign transactions, hence, it isn’t the best for traveling internationally.

2. Balance transfer charge of 3% or $5 of the transfer amount.

3. Lacks introductory 0% Annual Percentage Rate on purchases.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

With this, you can become part of the Chase system without the attending annual fee that the Chase Sapphire Reserve® will deliver. Click here to learn more about the Chase brand.

The reward system allows you to earn 2 reward points for every dollar you spend at restaurants dining, travel, takeout, and qualified delivery services. Whereas you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on other purchases.

The welcome offer gives you the chance of earning bonus points of 80,000 within the initial 3 months once you spend a minimum of $4,000. What that means is that you get $1,000 provided the points are redeemed using Chase Ultimate Rewards®. Furthermore, you get a statement credit of $50 that can be used for purchasing items from grocery stores in the initial first year.

With all these perks, it is only fair that you are charged an annual fee of $95 which is considerably low.


1. Double earning points on dining and traveling.

2. Points can be transferred to family or traveling partners.

3. Several protections for shopping and traveling.


1. Initial annual fee of $95 in the first year.

2. Lacks introduction APR offer.

Chase Freedom Flex℠

Although a newcomer on the scene (late 2020), this card is already doing great. When used alongside other chase family cards, you get to enjoy higher reward points.

You get cashback of 5% on $1,500 for rotating categories within each quarter of activation, cashback of 5% on any travel booking made using Chase Ultimate Rewards, cashback of 3% at drugstores and restaurants, and a cashback of 1% on other purchases.

With the welcome offer, you get a bonus of $200 once you make purchases of $500 within the initial 3 months of account activation. And all these come with no annual fee.


1. Annual fee is free.

2. Possibility of earning a maximum of $1,500 within a quarter via rotated quarterly categories rewards.

3. Great reward rates for traveling and other categories.


1. To get cashback on traveling, you must book using Chase.

2. Foreign transaction charge of 3%.

American Express® Gold Card

Perfect for foodies as it has a reward point bonus for members who make purchases from American supermarkets and restaurants.

You get to 4 earn rewards points for every dollar you spend at restaurants. Furthermore, you get a maximum annual spending of $2,500 gotten from purchases from American supermarkets. You also earn 3 points for every dollar you spend on flight ticket purchases from the airline directly or Finally, you earn 1 per for every dollar spent on other items.

You stand the chance of earning 60,000 in Membership Rewards® Points once you make purchases of about $4,000 within 6 months after activation.

At the end of the year, you are required to pay an annual fee of $250.


1. Earning possibilities are high.

2. Points can be transferred to different partners.

3. 5 recognized users can be added at no extra cost.

4. Freedom to choose either rose gold or regular versions.


1. Does not offer lounge benefits.

2. APR over time payment is high.

3. APR penalty payment over time is high.

4. Less balance carrying options.

Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Not only does this card offer you reward points, but it also offers insurance against trip interruption, cancellation, delay, lost baggage, baggage delay, rental car, etc. This is why it is featured on this list.

You get 3 Rewards Points for every dollar you spend on travel tickets (that is after you earn the travel credit of $300) and restaurants. Then you get 1 point for every dollar spent on other purchases.

60,000 points are awarded to you once you make expenses of $4,000 within the initial 3 months after account activation. You are required to make an annual fee payment of $550.


1. Flexible Annual $300 travel credit.

2. High welcome bonus.

3. You receive 50% additional value provided the points are redeemed via Chase.

4. Points can be transferred to hotel partners and valuable airlines.


1. Annual fee is high

2. Purchases have much variable APR.

3. Great credit recommended.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

This card is designed to offer you a travel experience that is filled with luxury. It allows you to gain access to different airport lounges. This is just one of the reasons it is one of our beste kredittkort, because not many cards have the benefits and perks of this card.

The reward system allows you to earn 5 points for every dollar you spend on the initial $500,000 flight booking expenditure made via the airline directly or Amex Travel. 5 points without caps can be earned if you make hotel bookings using Besides these, you still get 1 point for other expenditures.

The welcome offer gives you 75,000 points once you make a purchase of $5,000 within the initial account membership of 6 months. You can even earn ten times on entitled purchases at American supermarkets and gas stations in the U.S, and a maximum of $15,000 via combined purchases with the initial 6 months. Hence, you can earn extra 9 points in addition to 1 point gotten from such purchases.

The annual fee is also high at $550.


1. Amazing extravagance travel perks.

2. Gold status complimentary with Hilton Honors as well as Marriott Bonvoy.

3. Eligible travel can yield 5 times reward points.


1. You can’t carry a purchase balance.

2. Annual fee is high with no initial waiver.

3. Pay over time has a high payment.

U. S Bank Visa® Platinum Card

With this, you get the best introductory 0% Annual Percentage Rate for all your purchases for a cycle of 20 billings. Even after the cycle expires, you still get a low APR range.

Interestingly, this card doesn’t offer any reward, neither does it have a welcome offer or an annual fee.

The fee for balance transfer is 3% of the transferred amount or a minimum of $5. Usually, the fee is anyone greater.


1. Absence of penalty APR.

2. Intro 0% APR period is very long.

3. Insurance coverage for cell phone.


1. The fee for balance transfer is high.

2. Lacks rewards program system.

3. Welcome bonus unavailable.

4. Foreign transaction charge of 2% to 3%.


There’s a lot about credit cards that average folks don’t know about which is why they choose any credit that they happen upon. However, as you’ve seen, all cards are not the same as they possess different rewards, welcome offers, annual fees, and pros and cons.

Your ability to have a basic understanding of these things will ensure you are not ripped off and that you are truly maximizing the benefits of your card. And we believe you have such understanding after reading this post.