How to Use a Macbook: Simple Tips for Beginner Macbook Users

Macs account for only 10% of the user market, so chances are if you are using one now it is a new experience.

You are using a completely different operating system so it can take some getting used to.

Luckily, many of the features are similar to Windows with slight modifications that are easy to grasp.

We have made it even easier to learn how to use a MacBook with these tips for the beginner Mac user.

Connect Mac Devices

This might be your first time using a MacBook for a personal computer, but you might already have an iPhone. If you do, then you can connect your devices using your iCloud account.

Connecting will allow you to transfer your contacts, passwords, files, and favorite sites onto your new computer.

All you need to do is sign in to your iCloud using your email address during the initial setup.

Transferring Files

If you’re transitioning from a Windows computer then you can transfer your files using the migration assistance feature on your MacBook.

Your old PC will have to have Windows 7 or greater to use the migration assistance so make sure it is up-to-date. You will also need the administrator username and password to your old PC.

Make sure both computers are connected to the same Wifi network. Then download the migration assistance on your Windows. Open the application on both computers and follow the instructions to migrate your data.

Trackpad Features

You may be the type of person who needs a mouse connected to their laptop. This might be a functional necessity since most laptop trackpads only have about three functions and can be hard to navigate.

With the MacBook, the trackpad does so much more than a mouse can. It acts like a smartphone screen to do over a dozen gestures using your fingers.

If you are curious how to zoom in on Mac laptops then the trackpad has you covered. All you need to do is place your thumb and forefinger on the pad then pinch them back and forth to zoom in and out, just like your phone.

You can control and learn about your touchpad features by going to the Apple menu, system preferences, and trackpad.

These short cuts are the best way to use MacBook PCs that will have you ditching the mouse and moving faster through your daily tasks.

Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to trackpad shortcuts, your keyboard also has some tricks up its sleeve. Many of these keyboard commands are similar to Windows so you might already know a few.

Each command will include one of or a combination of the command, option, control, fn, shift, or caps lock keys. The glossary of commands is long so you will want to memorize the ones you use often.

If you do a lot of writing on your laptop, for example, you might find this shortcut handy. Push the option and shift keys then press the down arrow key to select all the text after your cursor for easy copying and pasting large content.

Here is a complete list of the keyboard shortcuts.

Different Delete Key

When you are learning how to use your new MacBook you will find one major difference to its keyboard. The delete key on the Mac acts like the backspace button on a Windows PC.

Plus, there is no delete key that removes text from right to left. How do you delete right to left if there is no similar delete key? It is easy. All you need to do is hold the fn key then push delete.

You might be used to inserting your cursor on the right of your sentences to make an adjustment. This will allow you to stick to your old habits on a MacBook.

No Right Clicking, Think Again

Another odd thing about Mac is the right-click ability on the trackpad. This comes as a shock if you are used to a Windows PC where you can do everything from copy and paste to highlight and search a phrase using right-click.

Luckily, the MacBook has you covered, and you might find it’s way more intuitive. Just tap the trackpad with two fingers to gain access to the right-click menu.

Taking Screenshots

This is one of those MacBook tips that might drive you crazy trying to figure out.

Most Windows computers have a PrtScn button that when pressed with the Alt button takes a screenshot. It is not that obvious on a MacBook.

To do this on your new Mac you need to press command, shift, and 3 to capture the whole screen. Or press command, shift, and 4 to crop part of the screen with the cursor.

Expansive Search with Spotlight

Have you ever remembered saving something but have no clue where it was saved? It could be a website on a browser or a file saved on your computer.

Normally, you would have to check your browser history or favorites. Then go into your drive to search your computer.

A MacBook makes it easier to scan everything at once with Spotlight. Think of it as a search engine for your second brain, otherwise known as your PC.

There is a shortcut to Spotlight to make it even more convenient. Hold down command and push the spacebar. Type in a word or phrase just like a search engine.

Finding More on How to Use a MacBook

If you ever feel overwhelmed or lost when learning how to use a MacBook you can go directly to Siri.

On the top right corner of your computer, you will see the icon for Siri. Here you can ask or tell it to do anything like brighten the screen.

Leave a comment below with a tip or trick that you found helpful on your MacBook.