Etarget Media – The Benefits of Email Marketing For Your Business

I have a small business here in Coconut Creek Florida and despite what many people used to say, I was never really interested in any kind of digital marketing, truth be told I didn’t really understand it. I have always placed ads in local newspapers and magazines plus the odd billboard but given the size of my business I never felt that investing in marketing would be a smart idea. Last year however I decide to give it a try and got in touch with the guys at Etargetmedia. Part of the strategy that they implemented was email marketing and I have found great success as a result. If you are in the same boat that I was, here is how this type of marketing could benefit your business if you take the plunge as I did.

Customers and Sales

Of course the most important part of what email marketing brought me was an increase in sales and customers coming into the store. Now of course this is what you should expect from any kind of marketing but what I didn’t realize was the impact that targeted marketing could have on the business. It was my belief previously that email marketing would just fire an email about my business to a few thousand unknown people in the hope that they would come, this however is not the case. Targeted email marketing is about sending those emails to people that have shown an interest in similar products and companies, plus those that actually live here in Florida. Because of how specific the marketing is, it has really helped the business.


I have two main competitors here in and they have always been far ahead of me in terms of the amount that they sell and the popularity that they have. I cannot comment on what kind of marketing they carry out but I can say that since the email marketing strategy has kicked in, I am seeing more customers than ever before and many of them are actually leaving my competition and coming to my store instead. I always knew that my business was better than theirs but they always seemed to have more popularity, the email marketing campaign however has very much leveled the playing field.


The result of the email marketing campaign has actually meant that instead of just being a small store in Coconut Creek, Florida, I know have a brand which people are talking about. The success in store and online that I have had as a result of this marketing campaign has been so positive that I am currently looking at opening a second store, which of course I will be marketing heavily.

Take your business to the next level and forest what you think you know about marketing. An email campaign and many other digital marketing tools can really help to take you and your business to higher levels of success.