Indian Delights Which You Must Experience

India is a huge country which offers the entire spectrum of nature within its borders. Naturally some cities like Delhi and Mumbai may grab the headlines in terms of tourism, but the country has far, far more than that to offer. If you like, you could go on a guided tour of India which will offer you a full package of journeys and discovery, with someone who knows where they are going and what they are talking about, alternatively you could make your own tour, and here are just some of the places that I would recommend that you visit.

Taj Mahal

I couldn’t put a list like this together without mentioning the Wonder of the Modern World that is the Taj Mahal. Originally built as a mausoleum to the late wife of an emperor, this building has since turned into something that is revered by architects and tourists the world over. Found in Agra, this is a trip which you simply mustn’t avoid.


Most big cities in the world have a river running through it that for many years has been the heartbeat of the people who use it to travel, transport goods and bathe, and India is no different. The Ganges is more than just a river however, it is one of the holiest bodies of water in the world, and an important part of the Hindu faith. The best place to visit this huge river is in Varanasi, the birthplace of Krishna and one of the holiest cities in the religion. Here you will see the way in which people are baptized in the river, funeral pyres floating across the river and the Hindus bathing and blessing themselves in the water, a truly eye-opening experience.


The Himalayas are a huge mountain range which span China, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and the northern territories of India. If you are up for an adventure then get your thermals on and head north to witness the impending mountains and the remote wilderness that surrounds them. Hiking through this region is a great experience and you will be mesmerized at the mountains themselves, as well as the frozen lakes and glacial crevices at their feet.

Visiting the Lakes of Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the highest regions in the world, at an altitude of 4,380 meters above sea level. The most speculator attraction in this area are the countless lakes which you can find, that change form as the day goes on, owing to the blue skies above and the clarity of the water. These shimmering lakes are best witnessed on an evening, when the movement settles down and the water glistens like snow.

Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

One of the most famous exports which India has is tea and here in Darjeeling is where you will find the largest producers. Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas in West Bengal, you will find thousand acre plots of tea fields which makes for a sensational view. The lush green tea fields are not the only thing to explore here, and thrill seekers can find many activities such as rafting and trekking.

These are just some of my favorite highlights of India, and I can’t wait to get back and find some more.