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Is It Possible to Developed PTSD After a Car Accident?

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Yet, we often forget how much risk we are putting ourselves in just by getting on the road! Car accidents happen frequently. So frequently in fact, that you’re more than likely to find yourself in one at some point during your lifetime.

The physical injuries one can sustain in a car accident can be frightening, but it’s not the only kind of damage you should be worried about. There’s also the mental toll that should be considered and thought about.

PTSD from car accident? It’s possible. If you want to learn more, read on and we’ll walk you through what to know about car accident PTSD.

Symptoms of Car Accident PTSD

Being in an auto accident can be quite shocking. Even if your body escapes an accident without harm, it can have quite a negative impact on your mental health.

If you’re in a fragile emotional state in the hours and days following a car accident, it’s possible that you might be suffering from some form of PTSD. Symptoms include shock, anger, or feat that won’t seem to subside.

You might feel constantly anxious or nervous, or even guilty. You might find it hard to think about anything else besides the accident and find yourself turning the events over in your head again and again.

All of these behaviors and feelings are indicative of PTSD, especially if they last for a long period following the accident. If you have trouble getting yourself to go to sleep, focus on other tasks, or get near vehicles again? These are other big signs.

Treatment for Car Accident PTSD

Recovering from PTSD can be very difficult. A mind is a complicated machine, and the best approach and timeline will be different from person to person.

It’s recommended that a person suffering talk to a mental health counselor who can help diagnose the severity of the problem and present possible aids. Keeping active, exercising, and working through normal day routines are some suggestions often given by counselors.

It might take a person as long as a year or more to fully recover from auto accident PTSD. Other people might recover after a few days or weeks. It all varies.

Compensation for PTSD

If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by another driver, you have a right to compensation under the law. The other driver’s insurance company will need to pay for the cost of your medical care, your pain and suffering, and so forth.

Many people don’t realize this right also applies to mental injury. If you’ve been diagnosed with PTSD following an accident, you might be able to bring a case forward. The compensation you receive can cover your mental health counseling, lost wages, and other such damages.

It’s best to read more and determine if seeking compensation is something you want to pursue.

Developing PTSD from Car Accident

Is developing PTSD from a car accident possible? The short answer is: yes, it very much is. If you’ve developed anxiety and other symptoms as a result of an auto accident, it’s important to understand the information above.

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