Jeff Lupient Wife – How She Motivates Him Every Day

Jeffrey W. Lupient is a highly successful business man who runs his own automotive group out here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since graduating with honors from Hamline university Jeff has gone on to have a glittering career in business management and is widely considered as a rising star in the motor industry. When we caught up with Jeff Lupient recently to ask him about his keys to success in the world of business, he answered by saying just how big an impact his wife makes in his personal and business life. Jeff Lupient wife it seems is the driving force behind his success, and here is how he says that she motivates him daily.

Remember The Goal

Jeff Lupient’s wife and he live here in Minnesota but they have dreams of one day retiring to a California beach. This is the goal that they are both working towards and this is something which she reminds him of with regularity. He says that it can be easy to get lost in the job and the highly charged atmosphere of the office, yet she is always on hand t remind him why he is doing what he is doing. To have someone recenter your focus is something that is vital when you work in business.

Take No Prisoners

Jeff Lupient tells us that whilst his wife is truly amazing, sometimes she puts the fear of God into him wen she is trying to get his head in the right place for the office. He says that there are times when he comes home from work and he wants to complain about the day’s events. In these situations he says that she often has no time for his excuses or reasons why things didn’t work out, and instead she wants him to come up with solutions. This may sound brutal but as Jeff concedes, it is exactly what he needs at the time and it helps him to get motivated and inspired for the next day.

Daily Bread

Both Jeff and his wife work and live in Minneapolis, St Paul Area, Minnesota and that means that they are never too far from each other. His wife only works 3 days and so on the 2 days when he is at work and she isn’, she will often meet him for lunch, or bring the lunch to him at the office. He says that these lunch meetings are absolutely vital for him and they give him a chance to step out of his business shoes, and put the husband shoes on. The result of this is that he goes into the afternoon refreshed and revived, and these are the days that he says he is most productive.

Jeff Lupient MN has his wife as someone who provides his inspiration and who motivates him and he says that he would recommend a partner who buys into what you are doing, to everyone in business.