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Kami Hoss on How to Get Better Looking Teeth

Having teeth which don’t look great can be a real pain for many people and can leave them feeling very self conscious. In the past I did not look after my teeth and they were misshapen and pretty ugly, this meant talking with my mouth closed, head down when smiling and hiding at the back of photographs so that nobody saw me. I finally took action some years ago and now I am more than happy to show off my smile. The man who helped me to regain my smile was the super dentist Kami Hoss, who shared the following tips with me on how you can fix your teeth.


If the form of your teeth is fine but you have stains on them, there is much you can do to get them cleaned up and looking pearly white again. The first thing to do is go to your dentist and make an appointment with your hygienist for a scale and polish. Once the teeth have been polished and scaled, you will be able to see the severity of the stains. Ask your hygienist for a whitening agent which will help to get rid of the stains and improve the whiteness of your teeth. Following this you should make sure that you brush regularly with a whitening toothpaste, and avoid drinking things like coffee and red wine which stain teeth.


If the form of your teeth is poor then you should speak with your dentist about what options are available to you. In my case the dentist applied braces to me teeth for over a year until they fell in line. Braces can help people of all ages to have straighter teeth, and they are a painless and easy way to do this. The dentist will put brackets on a number of your teeth and then feed a strong metal cable through the brackets, tightening at the end. The pressure which the metal cable puts on the teeth is what will force them to gradually move into position. Many people don’t like braces because they consider them unsightly but for me it was no problem at all, I was happy to do whatever it took to get a great smile.


If you believe that your teeth are beyond repair or if you simply want an instant fix, you could look at getting some veneers placed on your teeth. When the dentist gives you veneers, they will shave down your original teeth, and place a porcelain or composite veneer on top of it. These veneers will be your new teeth and they will give you the instant smile that you are looking for. Veneers are very strong and they never stain, which means very low maintenance for you. Occasionally you will have to be careful when eating certain foods, biting into apples for example, but other than that the veneer can put up with almost as much as your natural teeth.