Life in South Dakota: How to Live Like a Local


South Dakota is the 16th biggest state in the country, so plenty of land is available if you want to put down new roots.

Known for being the home of Mount Rushmore, this state has so much more to offer than just an impressive monument. If you are ready to make this state your new hometown, there are a few things you need to know to blend in with the locals.

Keep reading to learn about life in South Dakota before you make your move to this beautiful state.

Know the Regions

South Dakota is separated into four distinct regions. Each region has its own unique personality.

Be sure to research each area before moving to South Dakota to know which one would suit your needs best. Visit once you have decided on a location so you can start the home buying process.

Black Hills and Badlands

If history and nature are what you are looking for, this region is for you. Here you will find national parks, caves, and perfect day trips for your family.

South Dakota Missouri River Region

Four bodies of water make up this region. Water recreation of all kinds dominates in this area. Make this region your home if you hope to spend your days exploring the shoreline.

Glacial Lakes and Prairies

Experience Native American culture and the great outdoors in this region. There is something for everyone here between the lakes and the rolling prairies.


This region is a great mix of city life and country life. Find a booming culture and art scene in the city, or take a breather a short drive away to one of the many lakes here.

Things to Do

Living in South Dakota means that there is always plenty of art, history, and outdoor fun to take part in.

Throw on your hiking shoes and spend an afternoon hiking the Badlands. Visit Wind Cave National Park and explore one of the longest caves in the world.

For a cozy night out, stop by one of the six drive-in movie theaters in South Dakota. Spend a day perusing some of the art museums in the city.

South Dakota Facts

Before you begin living in South Dakota, you’ll need to know some of the basic facts about this state. It’s home to the famous Mount Rushmore monument and is known as the Mount Rushmore State.

It was adopted into statehood in 1889. If you move here, you’ll join the over 880,000 people who live here already.

The state animal is the coyote, and the state insect is the honey bee. For a fun afternoon, take in the state sport of rodeo.

Enjoy the Picturesque Life in South Dakota When You Make It Your Home

Besides the incredible scenery and outdoor activities, South Dakota also offers zero income tax and a great economy. Your life in South Dakota will be easy, affordable, and full of natural beauty.

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