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Lisa M. Cannon M.D. – Reasons to Get Regular Check Ups At The Doctor

I can always remember that prior to her death my Granny had not been to the doctor for 32 years, an incredible tale that the family loves to tell and whilst it certainly shows strength and resilience, it isn’t something that works for everyone and regular checkups are in fact what is recommend. My physician Lisa M. Cannon M.D. often reminds me of the importance of getting regular checkups and whilst in the past I didn’t go as often as I should, I now a regular 6 month checkup with her. If you are in any doubt as to why you should be making these regular appointments, here are some reasons why it is worthwhile. 

Early Detection 

One of the most important reasons why you must get regular checkups is that this is the best way to identify any issues as early as possible. The earlier that a doctor can diagnose diseases like Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes and many other issues, the faster and more effectively they can treat it. If you have a disease such as cancer then every month that it is not treated will take years off your life, which is why regular checkups are a great idea. 


During a regular checkup with your physician they will test the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Breathing
  • Heart rate
  • Weight
  • Eyes, ears, and nose
  • Reflexes

These will be tested to gain an understanding of your general health and they can be used as preventive measures to keep you healthy. If you have high blood pressure then they can offer advice and medication to help, the same as they will do if you have elevated levels of sugar in your blood, and they could help you to change your diet as a result. 

No Worries

There is nothing better than a doctor telling you that a niggling pain or issue which you have ‘is nothing to worry about’ and this is another greta reason why regular checkups are something that you should be doing. We all have aches and pains which concern us but instead of dwelling on them, you can get the all clear from a medical professional to allay your concerns. 

Mental Health 

Your mental health may be fine one month of the year but during the rest of it you may have problems, regular checkups will allow you to give the doctor a fuller understanding of where you are in terms of your mental health. Many people don’t volunteer this information willingly but if you go for a check up every 3 months then you may be at different levels each time, which could help the doctor identify a mental health problem which you have. 

Ultimately you should be getting regular checkups to give you piece of mind about your own personal health, in doing two you can prevent diseases and identify diseases at an early stage, both of which will ensure that you are around for much longer.