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Meet the Planet’s Most Annoying Insects: Your Guide to Pest Control


America is as snug as a bug! Or, rather, the bugs are snug in America. More than 925,000 species of insects exist in the world, and those are just the ones that scientists have identified.

All insects and bugs are useful in some way. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t annoying insects. You need to distinguish annoying bugs from each other and take steps to free your home from their scourge.

What are the most common annoying pests in America? What do they do to your body and home? Which ones can you take care of by yourself, and when should you go to professionals?

Answer these questions and you can make your home spotless in no time. Here is your quick guide.


When people think of annoying pests, they often think of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are small enough to slip through the tiniest gaps in your doors and windows. They can lay eggs in your sink, bathtub, or toilet bowl.

One mosquito bite can cause a skin infection or give you a disease like malaria. You need to seal any gaps in your doors and windows and remove all still pools of water. You should check your basement to see if you have any puddles or leaking pipes.


Moths like to feed on fabrics and linens. They can fly into your cabinets or drawers and eat your wardrobe, hiding in the darkness so you don’t notice them.

Inspect your clothes for any signs of damage and then shine bright lights to bring moths out. You can get rid of moths by spraying vinegar in your cabinets and leaving your doors open. You should also try moving your clothes around so it is harder for moths to land on them.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs burrow into your mattress, sheets, and upholstery. One bug can bite you or your pet several times, and it can lay hundreds of eggs.

You should inspect your sheets and bed frame for any signs of insects. If you spot nests or bugs crawling around, you should contact a pest control company. Visit websites like to see what services are available to you.


Horseflies are large flies that linger around pools and ponds. If they come near you, they can descend and bite you, sucking your blood and leaving a painful mark.

You should get an exterminator experienced with annoying flying insects to come in and kill the horseflies. If you have a patio that faces out to a pond, you should put screens around it so horseflies cannot come in.

The World’s Most Annoying Insects

Annoying insects don’t have to disrupt your life. Mosquitoes and moths can nip at your skin and clothes, but you can get rid of them. Remove all standing water around your home and shine bright lights in your cabinets.

Bed bugs are trickier to get rid of because they can burrow deep in your mattress. Horseflies can leave nasty bites and fill your pool with eggs. Check your bed and backyard for signs of infestation and call in the professionals.

Even pleasant insects can be pests. Read more pest control guides by following our coverage.