Dock Square Parking Garage – Giving Lessons To Other Private Garages

parking garage

Here in Boston, MA there are two things that frustrate me in terms of my daily commute, the first is the ridiculous amount of traffic on the roads and the second is the fact that the parking garages is the center of town are, in the main, not very good, and that is probably an understatement. You may suggest that I don’t take my car each day and instead rely on the public transport here in Boston, MA which I do whenever I can, unfortunately I have many meetings which I need to drive to, so this isn’t always possible. The traffic I cannot do anything about but the garage situation, I have found the answer, Dock Square parking garage. This is a garage which ticks all of the boxes and here is why they are so much better than the competition.

Pricing Structure

In many areas of Boston, MA there aren’t a lot of parking garages which means that those who do exist, feel as though they can charge whatever prices they see fit. Dock Square does have some competition and what they do is price their services both reasonably and competitively. Long stays are a little cheaper than short stays and what they also do which is great for people like me, is to offer a free stay after 15 visits, a great incentive to use them.


For me the very minimum expectation from a parking garage is that when you leave your car there, you can be confident that you will return to find your car just as you left it. Unfortunately, however there are many parking garages here in Boston, MA which simply do not offer such a service and the horror stories which I have heard about theft and damage doesn’t bear thinking about. Dock Square is a highly secure garage which, to my knowledge, has never had any security issues.


Something else which many of these garages do is to make the spaces smaller so that they can cram in as may vehicles as possible. As you can imagine these leads to all kinds of logistical challenges and even damage to cars. Here at Dock Square parking garage however they have a range of different sized spaces so that my city car for example, doesn’t have to occupy a large space which can be better used for a station wagon or something similar. This may sound like something which is incredibly simple and in truth it is, sadly not all garages have cottoned on to this idea.


If we are being honest, we don’t really expect great service from a parking garage and as long as the prices are good and the place is secure, most drivers will be very happy indeed. With this being said, it is always nice to receive service with a smile and this is something which the team at Dock Square offer with their friendly greetings and willingness to help.

If you park in Boston, MA, don’t look anywhere else but Dock Square.