Must-have features for a blockchain app

Blockchain app development has seriously evolved over the past few years. This technology has given birth to the most popular cryptocurrency used today, Bitcoin, along with many other digital coins.

Blockchain technology is commonly used today in cryptocurrencies due to its anonymity and almost impossible to delete records. Thus most types of apps that use this kind of technology are crypto wallets, which are used to store any digital currency.

Crypto app development is skyrocketing, so we decided to list some key features an app like this must-have.

1. Two-factor authentication

Security is the top priority when it comes to developing apps like this. Who would want to deposit their money in an unsafe bank? The same thing goes for Blockchain applications.

One of the most important safety features of digital wallets consists of the integration of 2FA (two-factor authentication). The main goal of this feature is to assure that the person who is using your account is actually you.

Almost everybody can crack a password these days, so by having to confirm it, via text or QR code is something very important for blockchain apps.

2. User-friendly interface

Crypto wallet development can be quite difficult. So difficult in fact, that sometimes developers end up forgetting that they are actually making an app for the public, not themselves.

Therefore, most of the times blockchain apps will turn out to be quite complicated towards a regular user, making it almost unusable, thus useless.

That is why an app developer must never forget the essence of its application, which is to attract as many users as possible. Making a very easy to use by just about anyone will be rewarded by the loyalty of your users.

3.  Customer support

As it has been said before, blockchain technology can be quite difficult to understand, especially for regular people that want to earn a quick buck.

By having a customer support system put together, you will be able to give out information and even solve some of the client’s problems, if they encountered any trouble, such as losing a password, etc.

By constantly keeping in touch with your clients, you will earn their loyalty, which is a crucial thing when it comes to an app like this. And let’s be honest, there will always be somebody, such as myself, who will messes up.


Building an app is no easy task, but building an application based on the blockchain technology can be even more difficult. However, with the help of these key features, which hopefully provided you some guidance, the planning phase of the app will become slightly easier.

Keep in mind that, despite the complexity of blockchain, you are making an app that is catered towards regular people. So try to keep things simple as possible in order to be usable by the users.

Security and usability are a must when it comes to talk about apps like these. Everybody wants to know that their money has been stored in a safe place, where they can navigate very easily.