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Need to Know Where to Buy Packing Materials? Five Good Options

A recent survey found that 63% of people who moved in 2021 unexpectedly changed locations.

Moves can happen for any number of reasons, and you need to know where to buy packing supplies when you need to move quicker than you expected.

Instead of calling around and wasting the time you could spend packing, we did the heavy lifting for you so you could get to the real heavy lifting.

Keep reading to discover five good options for where to buy packing supplies.

1. Find a Moving Company Near You

Before you go to a large packing supply retailer, you should consider local moving companies. Many of the companies around you can provide quality moving supplies and moving services.

Some businesses like provide bulk packing supplies you can use for your next move. 

Additionally, many experienced movers prefer going with a service like this to skip the stress of moving. Many companies even bundle packing supplies and moving services, which could save you money during your move.

2. Compare Retailers Around You

Retail packing supplies can be a great option for the DIYer. You can buy the materials you need, pack your own things, then move.

Though many look to retailers, it’s important to know what you need before you go looking. Many either buy too much or too little, which prolongs your packing process.

3. Craigslist

You can find moving supplies using your local Craigslist if you get lucky. Many times, people will list their old moving supplies. You can often find great deals here or even free boxes if you find the right supplier.

If you have a little more time before you have to move, accumulating supplies on Craigslist can be a great way to find what you need.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another gem for local deals. Instead of buying brand new packing supplies, many people opt to pick up boxes from other people in their area.

Looking here can save you some cash, and you might take some time to sell a few things you don’t want to move while you’re at it.

5. Call Local Stores

There are many local stores that will either give you packing supplies or let you buy boxes for cheap.

Larger department stores often have rules in place against giving away packaging, but local liquor stores, restaurants, or bookstores might let you take their shipping boxes off their hands.

Regardless, it is worth checking with local businesses to potentially save some money and help a business recycle while you are at it.

Now You Know Where to Buy Packing Materials

Creating the life you want to live is your key to freedom and happiness. For many, moving is one of the ways to take that next step.

Proper packing materials are foundational to making your next move a breeze, and now you know the best local options to source the materials you need to make your move happen.

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