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Dark Beer vs. Light Beer: The Difference, Taste, Ingredients, and More

Did you know that people who consume alcohol in the US most often choose beer? This may be you! 

As a beer lover, you likely have a preferred type and brand of beer. However, with all of the popular craft beers out there, you might find yourself interested in how there can be so many types of beer when it’s all still considered… just beer

Dark beer and light beer are two vastly different drinks, but they are still both types of beer. How can this be possible?

If you’re curious about how these beers look and taste so different, keep reading to get the basics on dark beer vs light beer.

Why Are They Different Colors?

The color of a beer comes from many different factors, including fermentation, roasting process, and ingredients. All of the different parts of the beer recipes come together to impact how the beer actually looks. 

Light beer is more golden in its appearance while dark beer is usually a dark brown, red, or black color. 

What Are the Diverse Ingredients?

In general, any basic beer is going to have at least the following four ingredients:

  • Yeast
  • Hops
  • Grains
  • Water

There are various combinations of these different ingredients that make different types of beer. For instance, the grains that are used in different beers are going to vary from wheat to oats to rice (and more). There are also different measurements of each of these things to produce various impacts on the flavor, look, and end result. 

For a dark beer, there is generally a more complex combination of ingredients. Dark beers generally have barley as a base, and the brewer may add bold ingredients for taste, like coffee, caramel, or nuts. 

For a light beer, you’ll usually find more hops that are roasted at lower temperatures for shorter amounts of time, which is what provides the light color. Light beer is generally looking for a refreshing flavor, so it’s likely to use additional ingredients like flowers or fruit.

How Is the Taste Different?

Since both beers don’t use the same ingredients, it makes sense that every type of beer you try is going to be different.

Even things like beer gas can impact the taste because carbonation can impact the overall flavor experience. You can learn more on beer gas to get a better understanding of how that works. 

The dark beer taste compared to the light beer taste, however, is generally clear and obvious. If you did a blind taste test, you’d be able to tell easily which was light and which was dark based on the types of flavors.

Light beers go for a more easy-to-drink flavor, but they may have a hoppy or yeasty flavor as well. Dark beers will taste more intense, especially if they are one of the darker shades.

If you like seasonal beer, you’ll find that dark beer is usually more common for these because they can do more with the flavors with various ingredients that are in-season. 

Dark Beer vs Light Beer: The Main Differences

When considering dark beer vs light beer, the first thing you’ll notice is obviously the color. However, past that, you can tell that they are made with different ingredients with the aim of creating exciting, unique flavors.

No matter which type of beer you prefer, all beer lovers must appreciate the time and effort that goes into crafting these exceptional flavors for people to enjoy.

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