Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor – What Roles Does a Financial Advisor Have

In recent years my financial situation has been somewhat up and down and last year I decided to seek the help of Patrick Dwyer financial advisor and long term family friend. In the past I had always dismissed the fact that families and individuals would need a financial advisor, unless they were siting on a fortune. My experience of this was completely positive and with the help the advisor I was able to really pull my financial situation around.

If you were ever curious as to what a financial advisor does and could potentially do for you, here are just some of the tasks which a financial advisor can do.


The first thing that a financial advisor will do is to review our current situation and speak with you about what kind of financial position you would like to be in. During this time the finical advisor will look at all debts, spending habits and general income and expenditure. They key to this process is that the financial advisor understands every aspect of their client’s finances so that they can best advise them on how to move forward.


I financial advisor does not simply turn up with a magic wand and make financial problems disappear. What a financial advisor will do for their clients is to offer them financial education so that they can not only help to fix an issue right now, but so that they can prevent any issues happening in the future. A financial advisor will offer education on basic things like tracking spending and how to save as well as higher level subjects like interest rates, and bank accounts.

Helping With Planning

A financial advisor is someone that will usually look towards the future with regards to your financial situation and they can help you to plan for upcoming life events. Whether this is sending your child to college, paying off a mortgage, planning for a vacation or any other type of planning that is required. Financial advisors will look at the best ways to plan for an upcoming event and make sure that it is a viable option.

Investment Opportunities

Financial advisors do not just help with people and families who are in finical difficulty, they can also provide a great service for those who are looking to grow their wealth. Because financial advisors are something of a Jack of all trades, they are able to offer great advice on a wide range of investments, the potential for returns and how to both invest and profit from the money which their client has. Regardless of whether the client is interested in stocks and shares, oil futures or real estate, a financial advisor can offer sound and educated advice on these investments to help their client make as much money as possible.

Financial advisors have a wide range of skills which can help an equally wide range of clients and their needs.