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Redecorating Your Teen’s Bedroom

As your child reaches their teenage years, they may no longer love the color schemes and decorations that once brought them joy. While this is a normal part of growing up, it may be quite sad for you, knowing that one stage of their life is in the past, and that they are no longer the small child you remember. However, by allowing them some creative freedom in their space, you can help to strengthen the bond between a parent and a child, while also showing them that you respect some of their newly-found independence and need for personal growth.


Lighting in the bedroom based on characters or child-like designs may have been acceptable a few years ago but, as your teen is now maturing, they may feel embarrassed about still using these, particularly when friends come over. Even themed night lights may no longer be welcome. Opting for some LED bedroom lights from Ultra LEDs, paired with a light shade in their favorite color, can really add a bit of class to their bedroom. You could even choose to match the lamp design to that of the ceiling light. If your teen still wants a night light in their room, it can be a good idea to choose one with a basic light function, rather than those made especially for young children.


Your teen’s walls may still be plastered with posters and motifs from their childhood. Updating the appearance of the walls can give that bit more of a mature feel, while still allowing them to express themselves through their favorite colors and pieces of art, such as band posters and actor images. By looking into some of the designs and color schemes that your teen might love, you can work together to come up with ideas that will fit in with your teen’s independence, but that you are still willing to have on the walls of your home. This may involve some level of compromise on both of your parts, until a solution is found.


If your teenager no longer wants childish designs throughout their room then, sadly, themed dressers and beds may need to go as well. Where space is a problem, you can also consider the use of a loft bed, which will create more room underneath. Unlike bunk beds, these can be enjoyed by teens, and even adults, as well. Make sure to account for desk room as this can be a great way of motivating your child to do their homework, or even be used to house their computer. You may also be able to get matching furniture items, such as dressers and drawers, to really give the room a polished look.

Changing the decorations in your teenager’s bedroom doesn’t mean you need to give up all parental control, but can greatly help to strengthen the existing bond between you both. Instead, it is about finding the middle ground between what they want and what you can afford or accept, and allowing them the room to grow into their own identity.