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South Bay Energy – Why Bother Being Energy Efficient in the Home?

 Being Energy Efficient in the Home

you have a quick search online you will find literally hundreds of articles which advise you on how you can make your home more energy efficient. Depending on your own energy levels you can do any number of things in the home to save energy from installing solar panels and LED light bulbs, changing the direction of your ceiling fan, use a washing line instead of a spin drier and all other manner of things which you may or may not wish to buy into. We spoke to the team at South Bay Energy to see what benefits, if any, people can expect when they make their home more energy efficient.

Energy Bills

The reason why most people will make changes around the home is to reduce their energy bills each month. Contrary to those who are skeptical about this, it actually works and many people are actively lowering their bills month by month because of their in-house practices, and you can too. Even simple changes in the home can make a big difference and many have actually cut their bills in half because of the way that they have changed around the way they do things at home. Too many people believe that no matter what their behaviors are that they will still pay the same, it is important that you don’t listen to these people, listen instead to those who have more money in their pocket each month as a result.


The idea that saving energy in the home helps the wider planet is absolutely true and even by making small changes in the way that you use energy in the home you will be contributing to a safer, greener planet. The use of fossil fuels and the energy which we use in the home increases the amount of carbon emissions in the air, this carbon footprint is what is causing damage to the Earth’s atmosphere and anything that we can do to reduce it should be welcomed. People often think of global warming as an issue which will be dealt with at a political level or that environmentally-conscious companies will be charged with fixing, but in truth we can all do our bit to ensure that our planet is better protected and damaged less than is necessary.


We have seen direct correlations between people’s health in homes where they have tried to tackle their energy use. Let’s say that you have leaky windows for example, or a broken air conditioning unit, or that the heat is on all day long at home. Fixing these things will make you more energy efficient but all three of these issues can also do damage to health. A healthy family is a wonderful by-product of making your home more energy efficient and once again it is a claim which is based very much in fact.