What does your star sign say about you?

When it comes to horoscopes people have mixed opinions. Some are strong believers and like to keep up to date with how their fortunes will play out over the coming weeks, whereas some people believe it’s a load of nonsense. Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, we’ve all been guilty of having a sneak peak in the back of a magazine to see if we’re likely to come into some money or whether our career path is going to change.

Our horoscopes can tell us a lot about our career, finances and even love life but have you ever wondered whether our star sign correlates with how we act in the workplace? To explore whether or not this is true, office furniture specialists Furniture At Work have created an exciting eBook that explains the characteristics that each star sign carries.

After reading through the eBook I thought I’d share some of the findings with you. If I haven’t mentioned your star sign then feel free to view the eBook over on Furniture At Work’s website.


Competitive, creative, adaptable, indecisive

Being a Pisces myself, I hate to admit it but the four key points sum me up pretty well. According to the information found, Pisces normally have a creative job but 2018 may be the year that changes slightly and you partake in less creative roles.

The stand out trait for me is being adaptable. Being adaptable means that Pisces can work in the majority of working environments, whether it’s noisy, quiet, hot or cold. Whatever the working conditions Pisces make the most of it.


Headstrong, observant, supportive, independent, restless

If the above traits are true then Gemini’s are known for having a mix of bold characteristics. Always on the go and wanting to help others, it’s time to take a step back and focus on you. This year it’s time to slow down and start completing one task at a time before you become overworked.

Gemini’s aren’t known for being organised but it works for you. Breaking things, having a cluttered desk and generally being clumsy are the traits a Gemini supposedly carries. It might be best to stay away from any expensive equipment!


Loyal, hardworking, analytical, practical

Often seen working through their lunch break and after working hours, Virgo’s find it difficult to understand the work-life balance. It’s time to start learning to unwind and create time for you, but it won’t be easy. Eager to please others and struggling to balance the relationship between the mind and body, it’s unlikely “you time” will last very long.

A loyal employee is something every company wants and Virgo’s are proud of this trait. It’s good to be critical of your work but sometimes it can be too much and affect others around you, giving off a bad impression. Don’t change who you are but remember not all of your colleagues are as critical as you.

Learning about the relationships between star sign and workplace habits has been interesting. Most people, including me, wouldn’t think that your star sign can affect how you are in work but it’s worth reading and seeing if you can relate to the characteristics of your star sign.