The Anatomy of a Boat: Boat Parts, Terminology, and More


Do you want to buy a boat but don’t know much about boating or boat parts? If you are ready to enjoy lazy days on the water or if you’re starting out on a new business venture as a commercial fisherman this article is for you! We will go over the important boat parts you will need to know.

Hull and Keel

One of the parts of a boat that you will need to know is the hull. It runs from front to back and includes the bottom of the boat that touches the water. The hull is built around the keel.

Think of the keel as the backbone of the vessel. The keel is a beam that also runs front to back and keeps the body steady.

The Front

The front of the boat is referred to as the bow. It helps the boat go up and over waves instead of through them.

Another one of the boat parts you need to be aware of is the deck. It’s the section of the boat where you and your guest hang out. Larger boats will sometimes have multiple decks with tables and chairs for entertaining.

The Stern

When picking out a boat to purchase, it’s important to consider the types of water you will be on. Knowing that information will determine what shape you need the back of the boat or the stern to be.


The propeller is what moves the boat through the water. The higher quality, size, and design all play a role in the performance and how smooth the ride is. Learn more about ship propellers and which one is right for your boating needs.

The Helm

This section of the boat you need to be very familiar with. The helm is the wheel and steering mechanism.

You’ll need to know how these boating parts work. Not all helms are the same, even if you’ve owned a boat before you’ll want to spend some time getting used to the new one.

Boating Safety and Maintenance

Safety should be every boat owner’s top priority. To ensure everyone is safe, you should know all the parts of the boat and how they work. Before leaving the dock or port check all the boating parts; once everything is confirmed to be working properly you’ll be ready to go.

Maintenance of your vessel is another important aspect. Regular tune-ups will decrease your chances of breaking down in the middle of the water. Keeping your boat parts clean will also be more comfortable for you and your guest.

Boat Parts

When you are operating large machinery like a boat, you must know all the ins and outs. This will keep you and others on the water safe.

It will also help you keep your boat in good shape and lasting longer. Being familiar with all the boat parts will prove invaluable. If you liked this article, go to our page for more informative content.