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The True Costs of Being Convicted for Illegal Drug Manufacture or Sale in Houston

The United States classifies many substances as being illegal to manufacture, sale, or used. The reason that certain substances are identified is because of the harm it can do to the human body. The government recognizes that these particular substances are very difficult for citizens to avoid and that if there were no laws there would be many drug addictions and deaths that happened as result of citizens using these substances.

As it is, even with stiff penalties for illegal drug manufacture and sale, there still a booming market for these drugs. Substances like cocaine is one of the most widely abused and can cause the most damage.

In Houston Texas, cocaine also carries some of the harshest sentencing for those found to be manufacturing and/or selling it.

If you are found to be manufacturing or selling cocaine, your best approach is to locate a Houston cocaine lawyer to help you fight the case. A reputable lawyer specializing in these types of cases may be able to get your case dismissed or charges diminished. However drug cases are very difficult because of the stigma attached to illegal drugs. Here are some of the negative attributes of being convicted for manufacturing or selling illegal drugs like cocaine.

Conviction Will Likely Mean Jail Time

Texas is a state that has very harsh drug penalties. A single conviction for drug manufacture or sale can often lead 2 significant jail time. Depending upon the amount of the drug you are apprehended with, jail time might be locally enforced or you might be taken to a state or even federal penitentiary to serve out your sentence. Serving time in prison is meant to be and in fact is very difficult. In addition to your freedom being taken away, your health will decline and you are constantly told by authorities what movement you can have throughout your day. Additionally, you are house with thousands of other convicted felons whose convictions range from robbery to murder. Most people who spend time in the penitentiary report that they come out a different person and regret having gone there.

Conviction Will Mean a Drug Record That Will Follow You Forever

Once you are convicted of a drug manufacturer or sale felony and you have served your time, you have this conviction on your record your entire life. You lose your right to vote, and several other rights, and anytime you apply for a job, your record will be viewable by an employer. Many companies refuse to hire convicted felons and most convicted felons find that the employment is extremely limited. If you are a person with a college degree or high-level executive at a company, chances are you will never gain the chance to utilize your full set of skills again. Most convicted felons report that this is one of the most frustrating parts of a felony conviction. Because even though you have paid your debt to society, your crime continues to follow you for the rest of your life.

Your Family Will Suffer

When you are convicted of a felony or drug manufacture or sale, your family will also suffer. They will have to deal with the stigma attached to you being a drug felon and the conversations they must have with people that know them in you. They will also have to deal with the disappointment and anguish that will certainly come knowing that you will be in jail for a period of time for your actions. If they choose to come visit you, the visits will be humiliating and the process of getting to see you will be long and arduous. In most cases when someone is convicted of a drug felony, the relationship with their family changes and never changes back.

These are some of the harshest effects that occur when you’re convicted for manufacture or sale of illegal drugs. If you are manufacturing or selling illegal drugs, it is a good time to see sis activity. And if you have been arrested for this crime, you should do all you can do legally to avoid conviction. And again your best course of action is to hire a reputable Houston drug offense attorney