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Tips on Cooking Meat With Candice Horbacz


If there are two things that Candice Horbacz loves most in this life they are traveling and cooking, often something which she likes to combine. In fact, it was during a trip to Naples 4 years ago with her husband Eric Horbacz, that she first became inspired to get more creative in her kitchen back in North Carolina. Shortly afterwards Candice decided to set up her very own YouTube channel, which has grown quite rapidly. Candice uses her channel to share tips, recipes and how-to guides, which many people find to be incredibly helpful. During a trip last month to North Carolina, I caught up with Candice to talk about her favorite food and she offered some tips on how to cook with meat.


If you are going to put flavors and seasonings on your meat then this should be done the night before you plan to cook, or at least some hours before you cook. The meat will take a long time to properly absorb the flavors which you are putting in and so this is why you need to give it enough time. With a plastic bag place your seasonings and then put the meat inside the bag, sealing it up and letting it absorb all of those juicy flavors before cooking.


With red meats you need to let the meat rest soon two occasions when cooking. Firstly, you need to take the meat out of the refrigerator at least 40 minutes before cooking which will allow the fat in the meat to loosen up before cooking. Secondly once you have finished cooking the meat, especially in the case of beef, you should let the beef sit and rest for around 10 minutes. This is in order to let the meat soften ahead of being eaten and you will get better results when you do this. These 10 minutes can also be used to add any final touches to your dish and you can use it to cook the vegetables so that they are much fresher.


When it comes to meat you very much get what you pay for and in almost all cases the higher that the price is, the better quality the meat will be. If you buy some cheap chicken breasts for example then you can expect them to be small, unless they have saline pumped in, they will also be full of sinew and ultimately the chicken will not taste that great. If you opt for some organic chicken breasts on the other hand, then you can expect a clean and moist piece of chicken which tastes wonderful and will not feature very much fat or sinew. If you can’t afford expensive meat then there isn’t much you can do but try to get creative with seasonings to present it in the best way, if you splash out from time to time however, you can expect a far higher quality product.