Ways to Market Your Product

1. Gift guides

The first way to promote your product is to create gift guides that feature your product and offer them to customers. If you have trouble finding a good gift idea, go to Google and look for “best gift ideas for co-workers” or “ideas for unique birthday gifts.” Next, start reviewing existing gift guides with multiple options. Find out what kind of guides your competitors are offering, and then create one that fills any gap or needs.

2. Email Marketing

After organic search, email is the second most important channel for customer acquisition. According to Marketing Sherpa, 72% of consumer prefer emails than other channels of communication and over 40% open at least one email. The best part is that email marketing yields results much faster than SEO, so it’s a great way of marketing your product. Create an automated email campaign for your product and send it to the most appropriate customer segment. 

If you’re sending emails to new subscribers, it’s good to offer them purchase incentives. You can also target customers who have abandoned their shopping cart reminding them they can complete the process.

3. Contact Influencers

One of the hardest things for small businesses or startups without audiences is promoting new products. If you have not built your community, you can pay to drive traffic to your website or appeal to someone else’s audience until you have yours. Working with influencers is a great way to raise awareness around your products and to generate interest from would-be buyers. Ask social media influencers to review your product. If they have an audience that relies on their opinion, they can help get word out and drive traffic to your business website.

4. Start an affiliate program

If you have difficulty generating sales or don’t have a huge advertisement budget, consider adding an affiliate program to your online store. Affiliate programs are a good way of generating sales even when you’re offline. With hundreds of people looking to make money online, it easy to find people who are interested in promoting your products in exchange for a commission.

Create a shareable URL for each person who is promoting your products on social networks or in their blog posts or product reviews. Using an affiliate network platform helps as you can track URLs and know which person has generated how much sales.

5. Market to Current Customers

Before you start searching for new customers, push the product to existing customers. First, because it will cost you less effort, and second, they’re more likely to buy your product than new customers. Offer them introductory discounts and other purchase incentives like buy three get one free.

You can promote your products in many ways. Gift guides, email marketing, and influencers all play an important role. Using affiliate marketing also helps drive sales. When marketing, start with existing customers then reach out to new customers.