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What Could Happen If You Miss Routine Eye Exams

The pain of going for routine eye exams is so that you can get ahead of any vision or eye health issues which you may have. With this being said however there are far too many people who believe this to be necessary and that can bring with it some unwanted consequences. Today we are going to discuss just some of the things which may befall you if you fail to get a regular eye checkup, and exactly why those checkups make so much sense. If your last eye test was a long time ago, here is why you should look to get booked in sooner rather than later.

Vertigo Feelings

Vertigo is something which you are not going to enjoy feeling at all and which is something that happens when the body is not able to stabilize itself properly regarding balance. Balance is a perception which involves the use of the eyes, ears and mind predominantly, and if this goes out of kilter it can make you feel quite unwell. People who struggle from vertigo feel dizzy and nauseous and this can have a big impact on their lives.


If you have issues with your visions such as damage to your periphery vision or blurred vision then this is something which you simply cannot ignore. In doing so you may actually put yourself in a position whereby you could have an accident. This could be as simple as bumping into someone in the street, or more severe if you are operating a vehicle or a bicycle. Accidents can happen when you don’t see properly which is why you should look to get that checked out as soon as you possibly can.


There are many causes for headaches and simply because you have one doesn’t mean that you can guarantee that you have ear issues. If however you get regular headaches then it may just be that this is because your eyes are being overworked. Another sign of eye strain is twitching in your eyebrows, which is as a result of your eyes having to work too hard. Eyes have to work harder when one part of them fails, which is why it is essential that you get checked out to make sure that they are in fully working order.

Further Damage

The sooner that you take action to help your eyes, the quicker you will be able to slow the damage which is being caused. The longer that you remain with poor vision or poorly functioning eyes, the faster they will deteriorate and tat is going to mean that you will have much bigger problems in the future. Get ahead of this as soon as you can and make sure that you are doing all you are able to in order to support your eyes when they are struggling.

The first step is the most simple, and that is to make sure that you are going in for routine checkups.