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What to Know About Buying Cannabis From a Dispensary


In a 2021 survey, 49% of American adults responded that they’ve tried cannabis. No matter if you’re looking to try it medically or recreationally, buying weed at a dispensary is the best way to go.

Going to a dispensary for first-timers may seem daunting. It’s been taboo for a long time!

Keep reading and we’ll give you a rundown on what to know about buying cannabis!

Be Prepared for Buying Cannabis

Before you go to the dispensary, make sure you have your state-issued photo ID on you. A driver’s license is ideal, but a passport or a state ID card is fine too. This ID will be checked at the door.

Another thing to take with you is cash. Many dispensaries don’t have card readers. To get an idea of prices beforehand, do a quick search for ‘dispensaries near me’ to get a benchmark for prices.

It’s Not a Grocery Store

When you first walk into a dispensary, you’ll notice that most of the products are behind glass. This isn’t going to be a grab-and-go kind of deal. This is where budtenders come in!

A conversation with your budtender ensures that you go home with the right cannabis for you. In most dispensaries, the cannabis will be in their hands until you check out.

What Effect Are You Looking For?

Cannabis is an extremely versatile drug! After years of cultivation, there is a strain for everyone. Deciding on the effects you’d like from your cannabis will help your budtender help you!

There are two main strains of cannabis to know about: Sativa and Indica.

Sativas are typically THC dominant. THC is the psychoactive molecule within the plant. Sativa strains can give you a lot of energy.

Just remember to start low and slow as it’s easy to go one toke over the line with high THC strains.

Indica strains are low energy – or low THC. These strains are great for sinking into a couch and binging a TV show. These strains usually contain higher amounts of CBD.

CBD is on the more medicinal side of things. These strains can help with joint and muscle pain.

When thinking about purchasing cannabis, try to think of what you’ll be doing in the next couple of days. This will help your budtender recommend the best strain(s) for you!

The Forms of Cannabis

We already know about the different strains. Time to get into the different delivery systems for cannabis!

The form everyone is most familiar with is dried flower, but did you know you can vape weed now? Cannabis vape pens are a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis. Healthier yet, there are also edibles!

You can have a look at all the different forms cannabis comes in over at HarvestHOC!

Track the Future of Cannabis

Humanity has come a long way since the time of buying a bag of mystery shake from Kyle down the hall.

Dispensaries give you the optimal experience for buying cannabis. Seasoned smokers and new users alike can enjoy the convenience of knowing exactly what they’re taking into their systems.

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