Can We All Make a Difference? – accessiBe

The world is changing. People are getting behind various causes and wanting to make a change to the way things have been. One area that can sometimes be overlooked is the need for a change toward those with disabilities. Yes, there are great strides that have been made in recent times to improve the quality of care and help for the disabled. They may find it easier today to enter a building than they did a number of years ago. They may benefit from the wider doors, aisles or checkouts when they go to the shop. But there is still much more to be done. Companies, like accessiBe, are moving the world in the right direction. 

What more can be done

There are many more things, but this article is going to focus on one area, the internet. Some people may not even realise that the internet needs to be made more accessible to a disabled person, but this is the case for many living with a disability. Whether it is because of a visual impairment or a colour blindness issue, a cognitive impairment or a hearing impairment, etc, there are adjustments that need to be made to accommodate these on our websites. What changes can be made. Well take a couple of the examples just mentioned. A person with a visual impairment may need further assistance through the use of audio descriptions. Or maybe they would be able to access a site simply by giving them the option to change the font size of any text to a larger setting that is more comfortable for them. A person with a hearing impairment may be able to access your site fully if subtitles are added to any videos.

Making small changes can make a big difference in the life of someone living with a disability. However, it can start to seem overwhelming when you add up all these small changes that need to be made for the many varieties of disability. Then, it doesn’t seem like such a small change anymore. If this describes how you feel, don’t worry. As we’ve said, help is out there. Companies, like accessiBe, are making sure that no website has to have an accessibility issue for the disabled. By simply adding some software to a website it can change the code when it detects any accessibility issues and automatically update it so that everyone can enjoy equal access. So don’t put it off anymore, get your website accessible now and do your part in making a difference.