What You Should Put in A Baby Shower Hamper

If you’re at a stage of your life when your calendar is all booked out with baby showers, you may very well be exhausted at the thought of getting a gift for each occasion – you can’t get the same thing for each baby shower, after all! Rather than just finding a single nice gift, creating a hamper as a gift for a baby shower can give you a lot more options, and can also help you better tailor gifts towards both mum and baby! Despite liking the idea, you may be at a loss in determining what to actually put in the hamper, so to help out we’ve put a few great tips in this blog to get you well on the way to crafting the perfect baby shower hamper.

Finding the perfect baby shower hamper

Finding a common theme is perhaps the most difficult step in deciding what to put in a hamper – is mum more likely to enjoy organic baby hampers, practical hampers or fun hampers? Sometimes, a healthy mix is the best option, particularly if you aren’t completely sure what the soon-to-be mother would specifically need or want. If you’re up in the air about what kind of hamper to make, a medicine basket is a good idea for a foolproof hamper. All you need to do is combine things like teething toys and gels, baby-specific pain relief medication, baby oil, muslins and a dummy or two in a neat package. Although perhaps not something that will be used every day, you can rest assured that your gift will be very, very appreciated at some stage. The good thing about a medicine hamper is the relative ease of assembly – Going out of your way to go toa specialty baby store can be a pain, so if you’re particularly strapped for time, you can find most of these things at your local supermarket.

A hamper made for a newborn baby

If you’re not sure whether you want to make up something specific like a medicine hamper, you might consider creating a more general newborn baby hamper. These hampers generally consist of an assortment of things that can help both mum and baby, and can include a combination of things that can be used immediately and things that can be used a few months after the baby has been born. You might consider adding simple baby bath and shampoo products, bath towels, face cloths and baby sponge, a baby toothbrush, dribble bibs, nappy bags and much, much more. The benefit of these general hampers, like the medicine hampers, is that you can find an assortment of these things at your local supermarket. If you’d like to also give your hamper a personal touch, you might even consider also adding a homemade baby blanket!

Hampers provide great versatility

The beauty of the hamper is the flexibility of your options, and particularly with what’s available to you. Remember that hampers don’t just have to be about the baby – parents very much benefit from things like dinner vouchers, babysitting promise vouchers and a skincare set for mum to make her feel rejuvenated after the birth. Even if you’re stuck for idea, take a walk down the baby aisle of your local supermarket – then, just apply a bit of creativity and you’ll be sure to impress!