What’s Covered By Yoga Liability Insurance?

Teaching yoga can be a highly rewarding, yet difficult job. Depending on the state, teaching yoga can have different regulations. Training and licensing may vary where you live and it is not always easy to understand the legalities of what’s at stake. Having yoga teacher insurance is a responsible way to protect your finances and career.

Do Yoga Teachers Need Insurance?

Liability insurance can cover yoga teachers wherever they decide to work. Having professional insurance allows protection against accident claims. Although major bodily injuries can occur during a yoga session, smaller incidents that are more likely to occur may not always register when the instructor starts teaching.

Many yoga instructors teach classes out of their home. Whether the classes are one-on-one or in a group setting, insurance can help keep you covered. For lost or stolen equipment, injuries or multiple teaching locations, insurance for yoga teachers is a wise idea for a long and lasting career.

What Types of Insurance Exist for Yoga Teachers?

There are many reasons to get insurance if you teach yoga in or out of the home. Yoga-related injuries do not have to result in broken bones to cause harm. The number of yoga-related injuries according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System estimated an increase of 5,000 injuries per year. Although gentle stretching may be done at the beginning of a class, injuries can still occur.

Not all yoga clients will disclose medical conditions before participating in a class. Even if they become hurt as a result of their condition, the professional yoga teacher may still be held liable for injury. Even minor injuries can be mishandled without proper insurance.

Yoga teacher insurance can also provide coverage for studio theft, regardless if the instructor works from home or not. Yoga mats and other specialized equipment that is used in a yoga session can be costly. If chairs, mats, towels or other work-related gear goes missing, having insurance can make a huge difference when it comes to properly funding your work space. If you are at a studio, you can be held liable for theft without proper coverage.

How To Get Insurance

Certified yoga instructors have a range of insurance rates. Researching coverage to compare yoga teacher insurance is always recommended. A professional policy can range in price from approximately $150 to $400 per year depending on what is needed and where you are located.

For those who are currently enrolled in training courses, a student discount can be offered depending on the insurance company. Some student policies can cost as little as $25 per year once the training course is completed.


Obtaining liability insurance for yoga instruction is necessary for having a smooth and reputable business. By protecting you against faulty claims or covering studio damage costs, your professional reputation can stay intact. Nobody wants to be held accountable for medical costs, especially if it does not seem justified. Having yoga teacher insurance can help keep you covered even if an injury occurs. Insurance does not have to be a costly investment and in the long run, it is likely to save you time and money.