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Why it’s vital to make time for yourself

We live hectic lives these days. Whether you’re rushing around to catch up with friends or family, or checking your phone for social media, or even busily arranging work calls, it can be difficult to find time for yourself. Below we explore why it’s important to enjoy some peaceful alone time.

Mental benefits

Making time for yourself shouldn’t be confused with being lonely. While loneliness can cause mental health problems, being able to enjoy your own company actually has many benefits: you’re likely to be happier and have better stress management. On top of this, there are intellectual benefits. Without the safety net of a group, you’re likely to have improved memory as you’re not relying on other people to record details for you. And it’s the same for creativity too: without others coming up with ideas for you, you’ll become more productive by yourself.

Physical benefits

Another benefit is that when you make time for yourself, you have more opportunities to boost yourself physically. With a couple of nights a week to yourself, you’ll suddenly have the chance to pursue health and fitness goals. This can range from exercising solo with a long run or workout. Alternatively, when you make time for yourself you can eat better too – you can spend more time cooking nutritious meals.

What can you do for self-care?

But what can you get up to when you’re spending some alone time? Obviously, there are the exercise options. But you can also enjoy slower-paced activities too. 


If you’re interested in beauty and skincare, you could relax and enjoy wearing a facemask. Alternatively, you could buy some clothes or lingerie to switch up your wardrobe.


Sometimes, watching something entertaining can take your mind off things when you’re alone, allowing you to relax. You could rent or buy a feel-good movie to pass the time or watch your favourite bingeable TV show.

Do something artistic

Creative activities can help boost your mood. You don’t need to be a talented artist either. Just draw or sketch whatever takes your fancy, and you’ll find your mind focusing and relaxing on the task at hand.

Making time for yourself can have both a mental and physical benefit. Whether you’re interested in art, beauty or entertainment, find something that you enjoy doing alone and see if it gives you a boost!