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Why Should You Opt For Pine Wood Furniture?

Pine is considered one of the most popular options when it comes to making furniture because of the room it provides for creativity. Pine is durable, extremely versatile, and goes well with almost all kinds of home décor. Do not be fooled by the fact that pine is softwood; it comes with plenty of strength and is used all over the globe for making various types of furniture. Another fun fact? Pine wood furniture could easily withstand dents as well as nicks when compared to other wooden furniture. Interesting, right? 

You have to be careful while planning furniture for your home. You want something that would stand the test of time because, after all, wooden furniture does not come cheap. If still in doubt, here are some of the reasons or benefits behind going for pine wood furniture that would make your home stand out.

It Is Considered Lightweight When Compared To Other Wood Variants 

Other common wooden furniture options would be teak, sal, oak, and others. However, they are extremely heavy when compared to the lightness of pine. You could easily move pine furniture, but moving other wood variant furniture would be a tough job. If you love rearranging furniture every now and then to give your home a fresh look, pine wood furniture is a great option.

You Could Get Creative With Pine Wood

Pinewood being a soft wood, you could get creative with it. Pine wood comes with a uniform and firm texture; therefore, it could be easily carved out, stained, or painted in several ways. The wood is light in color, which is an added advantage. Not all wood variants are easy to stain due to the wood grain and texture, which is coarse, but pine wood opens a whole new world for you to get creative and experimental with designs and paint.

You could go as colorful or as simple as you want with pine wood furniture. It looks quite stunning when in the natural state too and just a coat of varnish would make it look appealing.

It Is Extremely Versatile

Pinewood being light, you could stain it, color it or make it look rustic; it can be turned into a satisfactory piece of furniture and does not require a lot of work. However, an important note would be the development of the yellowish resin on pinewood which is a natural trait and contributes to the lighter shade of the wood, but going for lighter finishes could make it visible. 

Pine woods are used versatilely for a country look, rustic homes, and also cottage-style homes. Contemporary homes could incorporate this as it is excellent in blending with other décor themes. You could add distressing techniques to the wood like eased edges, indentations, pinholes, or even a paint finish. 

Pine wood is also a cost-effective solution as they grow in abundance and are easily available in the market. The two varieties of pine used would be white and yellow pine. Therefore, these are some of the reasons why you would never regret going for furniture made of pine wood.