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3 Pro Lawn Care Tips for This Summer

Did you know that 81 percent of Americans have a lawn or green space in their yard today, with 79 percent saying its an important feature?

A beautiful lawn forms the centerpiece of an attractive outdoor space, boosting your property‘s curb appeal and enhancing its overall aesthetic. But to get the most out of it, you need to know how to care for your lawn throughout the summer months.

Caring for your lawn starts here. Our lawn care guide tells you everything you need to know about raising and maintaining a healthy green space in your yard.

Read on for three pro lawn care tips.

1. Fertilize in Early Summer

If you want your lawn to look lush and green all year, focus on fertilizing during early summer. As springtime comes to an end, your lawn is hungry for crucial nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

Applying a spray-on fertilizer during June will promote healthy growth throughout the summer months and beyond. Combine your fertilizing routine with good watering practices for the best results.

Avoid letting fertilizer sit on your lawn for prolonged periods, especially in direct sunlight. This can lead to chemical burning and brown patches.

2. Avoid Over-Mowing

Most people want their lawn as short as possible. However, this can prove counterintuitive when it comes to caring for your lawn. Not only is an over-mown lawn more prone to fungal diseases and weeds, but it also encourages ants and other pests to make your lawn their home.

For optimal lawn health, Most experts recommend keeping your lawn to a height of 3-5 inches. This keeps your lawn happy and healthy, with a strong, deep-set root system.

If you’ve been practicing bad mowing habits up to now, don’t fear. Reseeding your lawn with a seed and fertilizer mix can breathe life into a tired green space.

3. Don’t Over-Water

If your lawn seems like its struggling, the natural response is to water it, right? However, you should think twice before plugging in the sprinkler.

One of the main issues lawns face is fungal disease, particularly in warmer, more humid climates. Because they favor damp conditions, overwatering allows fungi to thrive, quickly dominating your lawn.

The best way to guarantee an optimally watered and cared for lawn is to hire a reliable lawn care company. Check out for lawn care services you can rely on.

Top Lawn Care Made Simple

Good maintenance and lawn care practices in the summer ensure that your green space stays lush, healthy, and beautiful throughout the year. The key to a healthy lawn is a regular care schedule, plus a proactive response to any issues that arise.

By following these pro tips for lawn care, you’ll soon see a lasting difference in the quality of your lawn. So get out there and start improving your lawn today.

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