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3 Tips For Helping Your Elderly Loved One Manage The Upkeep Of Their Home

If you have a loved one that is getting older and having a harder time managing the things in their life like they used to, you might be wondering how you can help them make this part of their life easier. Luckily, there are quite a few things that you can do to help them safely stay in their home for longer before they move into an independent or assisted living facility.

To help you see what you can do to be of assistance, here are three tips for helping your elderly loved one manage the upkeep of their home. 

Automate As Much As Possible

There are going to be a lot of things in your loved one’s home that you can automate thanks to modern technology. The problem is that your elderly loved one might not know how to take advantage of these things without your help.

For things like keeping their home clean, you can help them get and set up a robotic vacuum to take care of cleaning the floors for them. You can also set the lights in and around their home on timers, which can make it easier for them to safely see what’s around them. And if you’re worried about them going out of the house too much, you can show them how to order their groceries online and get them delivered right to their house. 

Hire For Individual Jobs

For jobs around their home that they need help with, you might want to consider hiring people to do the individual jobs that your elderly loved one is needing someone else to manage for them. 

For example, if your elderly loved one can keep their home clean generally but need help with deep cleaning, consider hiring someone to do this deep cleaning on a regular and consistent basis. Or, if your elderly loved one now has a hard time with yard work, hiring someone to do these tasks specifically can be incredibly helpful. 

Schedule In Big Projects Throughout The Year

When caring for a home, there are big projects that will need to get taken care of occasionally. If these are things that your elderly loved one can’t complete on their own anymore, consider scheduling times during the year where you can help them with these big projects. Sometimes, you might be able to take care of these projects yourself over the weekend. But for projects that you can’t handle on your own, make sure you put an alert in your calendar around the time where you should be helping your elderly loved one get these tasks hired out to a professional. 

If your elderly loved one is beginning to need some help around the house, consider using the tips mentioned above to see what you can do to help them with this part of their life.