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5 Reasons You May Be Experiencing Back Pain

Back pain is something that affects millions of people worldwide, and can happen for a wide variety of reasons. It can range from mildly uncomfortable, to entirely debilitating. The reason behind what’s causing your back pain is important because you can use that information to find a solution. If you’re experiencing back pain, here are some of the most likely reasons why.

A Prior Injury

Don’t make the mistake of believing that an injury that happened a long time ago can’t suddenly flare up again. If you were injured in a car accident, for example, it can cause years of damage to your spine, and cause pain out of nowhere. This is why it’s important that you see a doctor immediately after an injury so that they can assess your injuries, and give you a proper diagnosis.

Poor Posture

Whether you’re lifting something heavy or you work a sedentary job, practicing proper posture can make a world of difference. Try to notice how you’re sitting if you’re staying in one place for extended periods of time. 

For example, if you work an office job, and you’re hunched over your computer for a large portion of the day, make a conscious effort to sit up straight. Hold your shoulders back, and keep your spine aligned with the chair. If you find it hard to remember to do this throughout the day, consider investing in an ergonomic chair that will keep your back straight for you.

Muscle Strain

If you’ve recently started a new workout program, or perhaps you did some heavy lifting during a move, then this might have put unnecessary strain on your back. When you strain your muscles, they become inflamed and ultimately lead to discomfort. Until the pain goes away, you should stretch as much as possible, and avoid any heavy lifting or activities that will put extra strain on your back.

Excess Weight

If you eat poorly and lack enough exercise, this can lead to being overweight. Unfortunately, being overweight can lead to a considerable amount of back pain since you’re carrying around so much extra weight. Consider changing up your diet, and engaging in an exercise program to shed a few pounds. Chances are, as you start to lose weight, your back pain will subside.

A Poor Quality Mattress

Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard can wreak havoc on your back. If you’re sleeping on a poor-quality mattress, consider putting your money into a new one. Yes, a new mattress can cost a significant amount of money, however, it’s well worth paying for your own comfort.  After all, if it’s as simple a solution as a new bed, then why not go for it?