3 Ways To Keep Employees From Stealing From You

Whether you have a retail business or you’re working in construction, one thing that many business owners have to worry about is having their own employees steal from them. 

While it might not be something big or a huge amount of cash that they’re embezzling, even just some inventory or petty cash here and there can make a big difference for both your bottom line and the amount of trust that you feel you can put in your workers. So to help keep these kinds of things from happening at your place of business, here are three ways to keep employees from stealing from you. 

Consider Using A Security System

Sadly, when people feel like they are being watched, they are much more likely to be on their best behavior, and this includes stealing from work as well. So while you might not like the idea of having to film your employees to keep them from stealing, having a security system that watches your customers as well as your staff can be helpful for mitigating theft. 

If you’ve been having a particularly hard time with employees that you think are stealing, you might want to consider putting up a security system in the places where you keep your inventory. This way, there will be a safeguard in place in the exact areas where theft might be the most enticing to them. 

Keep Better Track Of Your Inventory

Tracking your inventory is a great way to keep more accurate accounts of what inventory is being sold and what inventory might be getting stolen. 

If you’re not already using an inventory tracking system, consider how you could implement something like this with your business. For retail businesses, setting up alerts from an inventory system can help you keep much better track of things. For businesses like construction, keeping your tools in something like a vending machine can help keep too much inventory from getting taken out without being returned. 

Encourage Employees To Keep An Eye Out For Each Other

In most cases, the first line of defense for you when having employees who are stealing will be other employees on your staff. 

Because it can feel weird to encourage staff to turn each other in when they see something suspicious, it might be helpful to create an employee tip line where staff can report something anonymously when they think something sketchy is going on. This way, you can have a way of taking care of these things without people feeling too uncomfortable about it or worry about retribution from their coworkers. 

If you think that you have employees who have been stealing from you, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prevent this in the future.