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5 Great Reasons to Stop Smoking

You’ve probably heard by now that quitting smoking is probably a good idea.  Whereas several decades ago there was a gray area surrounding the long-term effects of smoking, now the medical world unanimously agrees that there is no question about it— smoking kills.

Yet, for some of us, smoking is more than just a pesky habit— it’s a full-fledged passion that we don’t see ourselves quitting any time soon. 

Yet, perhaps if you understood the benefits of cutting cigarettes out of your life, you might just be willing to take on the challenge.  

If you’re ready to start considering quitting smoking cigarettes, here are some of the benefits you can expect on your smoke-free journey.

Improved Breathing

Smokers find something as simple as walking up a few sets of stairs to be difficult.  Their lungs are so damaged from years of abusing their body that they’re out of breath and wheezing very easily.  If you find it hard to walk or run without wheezing heavily then it’s time to consider quitting smoking.  

Longer Lifespan

The numbers don’t lie!  People who quit smoking add a considerable amount of years to their lives.  Even if you’ve smoked your entire life, your life expectancy will shoot up after only a few months of quitting!

This is especially appealing to people with children who want to be able to live as long as possible.  The earlier you quit, the more your life expectancy will increase. 

Increased Fertility

If you have dreams of having children one day then you should know smoking significantly impacts your fertility.  Not just for women but also for men.  Not only are your chances of getting pregnant much higher when you quit smoking but quitting smoking also lowers your risk of pregnancy complications.  

Financial Savings

It’s no secret that buying cigarettes every month can be a significant expense.  When you take into consideration that the average price of cigarettes is about $8 in the United States, and as high as almost $12 in some places, it can quickly add up over the course of the year.

If you’re struggling to pay the rent or pay for a vacation that you’ve always wanted, consider how much money you’d save by quitting smoking!  Cutting back even just one pack a week can make a difference in your savings, and ultimately, put your money in your pocket for much cooler things than smoking.

Improved Appearance

Smokers have much drier skin and deeper wrinkles, and let’s not forget what smoking does to your teeth!  If not for your health, then consider quitting smoking for your vanity!  After just a few weeks of quitting smoking, you’ll notice a significant difference in how you look.