5 Reasons Why Less Than Load Freight Shipping Is A Great Option

When it comes to shipping items, there are different methods. Each, with its advantages and disadvantagesx, as well as factors that influence the choice of anyone. However, learning about the benefits position you to make informed decisions.

What is Less Than Load Freight Shipping?

Also known as LTL freight shipping, Business Insider defines it as a transportation service that is used for shipping relatively small loads of freight. With this, the shipper pays for a portion of the truck occupied by their freight instead of paying for the whole truck. Ideally, businesses that have shipment under 15, 000 pounds don’t need to use a full trailer so an LTL freight shipping service can suffice.

Looking to learn more about Less Than Load freight shipping? Here are some benefits to consider.

1. Cost: When booking an LTL shipment, you only pay for the portion of the trailer used while the cost of the other parts is covered by other occupants of the trailer’s space. This allows each shipper to pay for the exact weight and space used in the trailer, as opposed to paying for the whole truck.

2. Delivery Time: There are situations where stopping multiple times is inevitable, but the problem comes when the details are not conveyed clearly. When it comes to delivering products to customers, LTL shipping is much faster. With LTL shipping, companies do not have to wait on every shipper’s orders to reach a certain amount before shipping. This allows each shipper to send out as many shipments as possible whenever they want to; allowing companies to work faster.

3. Reduced risk: By using LTL freight shipping, the chances of packages getting misplaced is almost non-existent. Many of the shipment companies use real-time tracking technologies that inform the shippers about the status of their shipments per time. Shippers may also get worried about constant handling of shipments and the compromise of their items. However, this is not the case for LTL freight shipping as many companies repack the items with extra protective materials each time the total LTL shipment is altered. This helps to guarantee the integrity of the items shipped and minimizes the risk of misplacing them.

4. Eco-Friendly: With more people looking for ways to save the environment during operations, LTL is one of the cleaner options. The LTL idea reduces the amount of fuel combustion and number of vehicles unnecessarily used for shipping. So, it helps more companies to go green.

5. Better Organization: Often, LTL shipments have limited routes form pickup and drop off. While some may see this is a disadvantage, it means that LTL freight shipping will be ideal for customers who consistently and regularly ship items, that way companies can group them.

Some people believe that the most significant disadvantage of LTL freight shipping is the supposed lack of availability. However, companies like Shiply help link you to LTL shippers, sparing you the hassle. There are precise times where other types of truckload shipping are more appropriate, so adequate research is needed.