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5 Upgrades to Make Your Home a Healthy Place

You spend most of your time in your home, so it’s only right that you make sure your humble abode is a healthy and happy place. You don’t have to invest in an expensive renovation to transform your house into a more warm and welcoming space. With a few strategic tweaks here and there, you can easily upgrade it.

Remove Clutter

Decluttering the house should not be a philosophy of just the minimalists. Keeping your home tidy, organized, and free of unnecessary mess will not only save you space but also improve your mental well-being. 

In fact, a study by researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that a messy environment can negatively impact your focus and ability to process information. You want your home to be a sanctuary where you can relax after a long day at work, not a cramped place in need of constant cleaning and organizing. 

Decluttering your home works like a detox for your body. You remove objects that no longer serve their purpose and help restore balance to your space.

Spend a day or two sorting out things that you really need, things you can donate, and things you can discard. Look for a charity where you can give out still-usable possessions, and discard the rest that have outlived their usefulness. You’ll be surprised at how instantly light and joyful your home will feel. Besides, you’re helping someone in need with the things you donated. 

Install a Water Filtration System 

You need water every day, from your cup of coffee during breakfast to the warm shower you take after a long day at work. Water is an essential part of your life, so it is a good idea to upgrade the water filtration system in your home to something more sophisticated.

It may seem like an expensive purchase, but the benefits you reap in the long run will easily outweigh the initial cost. First, an in-house water filtration system gives you peace of mind. You know the water you use daily is free from harsh chemicals, impurities, and toxins. Contaminated water can irritate the skin and hair and cause bowel infections.

In addition to protecting you and your family, a filtration system can prevent damage to your pipes, surfaces, and appliances. The minerals in unfiltered water are abrasive and can leave unsightly stains. 

Last but not the least, a water filtration system for your whole house can actually be more cost-effective than setting up individual filtration systems in every bathroom and kitchen. Also, you no longer have to constantly purchase bottled water or water treatment to make the water at home drinkable. 

Make Bedrooms Conducive for Sleep

Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. Having solid sleep every night gives you the energy and mental clarity you need to be at your best. On the other hand, sleep deprivation has been linked to a host of serious health conditions like diabetes, mood disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, and hormonal imbalance.

If you have trouble falling asleep or notice that you have poor-quality sleep, then it is time that you upgrade your bedroom to a place that is conducive for sleeping. You can start with small tweaks like removing gadgets and electronic devices like smartphones, computers, and TV sets from your bedroom so the room is strictly for sleeping. The light from these devices is known to stimulate the brain, tempting you to use your gadget, so it takes longer for you to fall asleep. 

Buy a new set of blankets and pillows that are made of lightweight and breathable fabric so you don’t feel hot when you sleep. If you live in a busy house or noisy neighborhood, get a white-noise machine to drown out the noise in your surroundings. Whether you’re doing a complete makeover of your bedroom or just adding a few small changes, the important thing is that you turn it into a quiet, relaxing, and welcoming space. 

Add Plants and Flowers

If you’ve been planning to improve the aesthetics in your home for a while but don’t know where to start, consider buying a couple of plants. The addition of a few potted friends will not only instantly spruce up your space but will also bring a host of health benefits for you and your family.

First, indoor plants process carbon dioxide and keep oxygen flowing in your house. They also help lower stress and ease tension. By making your home more relaxing and beautiful, plants help you become more productive and focused at home.

Finally, gardening itself is a fun and stress-relieving hobby, and you’ll easily find a plant that matches your personality or lifestyle. For example, if you live a busy, fast-paced life, you can go for low-maintenance succulents and cacti.

You don’t have to have a big house or a yard to be able to take care of plants. You can easily maintain a few plants using urban gardening or container-gardening techniques that only require a small balcony or patio. 

Cultivate Healthy Habits

Don’t forget about the important role you play in maintaining the health and happiness of your home. A healthy home is not just one that’s visually pleasing and equipped with different creature comforts; it is a place that promotes good mental well-being and relationships.

To do this, you need to start cultivating positive habits and getting rid of unhealthy ones. Take time to evaluate your current lifestyle. Do you have any habits that you need to break? What steps can you take to start eliminating those from your life and replacing those with healthier ones? 

If you have an addiction to substances, consider doing a complete detox to begin the process of sobriety. Substance dependence is a serious issue, and it can interfere with your health and relationships. Find more productive ways to cope with stress, such as playing sports or signing up at the gym. Start including self-care routines in your daily or weekly schedule.

Keep in mind that self-care is not about doing something indulgent or expensive. It can simply mean giving yourself time to recharge after a hectic week at work or preparing a hearty, balanced meal. 

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