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7 Tools a Beginner Gardener Needs to Have

You see the potential your backyard has to be a garden filled with fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers. But maybe you don’t know how to take it from the swarth of grass to a bountiful garden.

That’s alright because all gardeners have to start somewhere. So what’s the first thing on a new garden list? A beginner gardener has to have the right tools.

Here is a guide to the seven must-have gardening tools to have in your arsenal.

1. Shovel

When you think about how to start a garden, a shovel might be the first tool that comes to your mind. With its round head and versatility, a quality shovel would help get most of your gardening work done.

You can use a shovel to break apart hard dirt, dig large holes, and move soil. This tool is similar to a spade, and you may wonder if you should have both gardening tools.

2. Spade

Often called the garden workhorse, a spade is a short-handled, square-shaped shovel. They’re used to make it easier to dig holes, lift sod, and move small mounds of dirt.

You may wonder if you should choose between a spade or shovel. The truth is, if you want to have all your bases covered, you should have both.

3. Gloves

Gloves aren’t only meant to keep your hands clean from dirt. They’re an essential tool, especially when handling plants that may be thorny or splintery.

Be sure to choose gloves that are thick and durable but not too bulky that you can’t move your fingers around. They should fit well, so they’re neither falling off nor too tight. Gardening gloves should also be water-resistant.

4. Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are hand-held tools with a sharp blade to help prune back unruly plants. You can use this tool to remove dead leaves and branches or clean up plants that have become overgrown.

5. Loppers

Loppers have a long handle and large, strong shears at the end. They’re meant to make trimming hard-to-reach areas and cutting thicker branches easier. It’s essential to keep the loppers blades sharp so that the cut is clean.

6. Hand Trowel and Cultivator

These small hand tools are essential when working at the ground level. Hand trowels can be used for digging small holes for seeds, unearthing weeds, and measuring hole depths.

Hand cultivators are like miniature rakes that are good for removing weeds and aerating the soil. These two essential tools often come in a set.

7. Hose or Watering Can

If you plant a garden, you’re going to have to water your seeds. You can’t always rely on rain to hydrate your garden. Having a hose or watering can will allow you to regularly water your crops.

A hose is great if you have to cover a large area of land like a backyard garden bed. Watering cans are ideal for potted plants and smaller gardens.

The Must-Have Beginner Gardener Tools

Spring and summer is the perfect time to start a new garden. And with warmer weather around the corner, it won’t hurt a beginner gardener to start preparing now.

Whether you’re planting fruits and vegetables or flowers and plants, you have to have the right tools to take care of your garden. With the right tools, your dream garden is only a few seeds away.

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