Birthday presents for someone that has it all

What do you get for that friend that has everything? We all have that friend that is impossible to shop for, because it seems like there is nothing that they don’t have. With a little creativity and hard work it is possible to buy a gift for the person that is impossible to shop for. 

A good book

Whether it is a pretty coffee table book or a good novel – there is always a book missing from someone’s book collection. If you think long and hard enough and do enough research it may not be as hard to get them something that they wouldn’t get for themselves. Pay close attention to the subjects they have interest in or maybe get a book to help them create a new interest. Either way, books are always a perfect gift

Decorative plant pots

Are any of your friends plant lovers? If so, a decorative plant pot might be a good gift for them. With all of the sizes and shapes and beautiful designs, you’ll definitely find something that your friend wouldn’t buy for themselves. With enough research you’ll find something original that the person you are buying a gift for will love. 


Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Chances are the person you are buying a gift for does. There are many gifts that you can offer such as luxurious chocolate gift hampers or personalised retro sweet jars. Whoever they are, there is some type of candy that they probably prefer. 

A band t-shirt

Does the person you are buying a gift for have a favourite artist? And do they probably see themselves as too old to buy one of those cool rock shirts that young people wear? Give them a surprise. A band t-shirt will be a really nice gift for someone like this and is something that many people would appreciate but wouldn’t get for themselves. 

Wax melts or essential oils

Is the person you are buying a gift for a fan of nice fragrances? Wax melts and essential oils are really lovely gifts for a person who wants to create a nice aroma in their home. There are so many to choose from that it should not be hard to find one that the person you are buying a gift for will enjoy. 

Buying a birthday present for someone who has everything isn’t as hard as you might think. Getting to know the person who you are buying a gift for and using a little creativity will make it easier for you to find something that they won’t get for themselves.