8 Cool Gift Ideas For Colleagues

Whether it’s for Secret Santa or it’s for their birthday, getting a cool gift for colleagues at work can be tricky business, especially if you aren’t really that close.

How much are you meant to spend on this gift? What do they like? Will this impact our working relationship?

These are all very common questions but by the time you’ve finished reading, you will have found the perfect solution.

No matter if you’re following a budget or you’re free to spend to your heart’s content, we have you covered.

Here are 8 cool gift ideas for colleagues.

1. Star Map

Let’s start with something really meaningful. A star map shows how you would see the stars during a certain time and from a location of your choice.

This makes for a really cool gift for a colleague as you can create it based on your knowledge of them. For example, you could choose the date that they first started working at their job.

The point with this one is to personalize it as much as possible. Make it really unique and special to them.

You can pick one up from Twinkle In Time. There is also room to write a message on the poster.

2. Wine Freeze Cooling Cups

Wine lovers know that having a cold glass of pinot or chardonnay tastes a whole lot better when it comes straight from the fridge. Therefore, this set of wine freezing cooling cups makes for a cool gift idea for colleagues (pun intended).

All they need to do is put the glasses in their fridge or freezer for 2 hours or so. Their drinks will remain cool and refreshing even during the hot weather.

These cooling cups work for both red and white wine so don’t worry if you don’t know which one your colleague prefers. They also come with a silicone band for extra grip. This item also made it on CoolThingsChicago’s best birthday gift ideas guide here.

3. Personalized Notebook

Notebooks are essential pieces of equipment for work. Without them, you may forget important pieces of information from a client meeting. They also show clients that you take their business seriously by being prepared.

But instead of buying a standard notebook, why not get a personalized one. Get their name etched into the front cover of the notebook and make it completely unique.

It looks very professional and it shows to clients that your colleague is respected, meaning their advice can be trusted.

This makes for a very cool gift idea for a colleague – you’ll probably want to get one of your own too!

4. Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated during work. While most workspaces have tea and coffee rooms, they don’t keep you as fit and healthy as water.

This makes a reusable water bottle, like this one from Kool8, a really cool gift idea for colleagues. By having them on their desks, they can be reminded to keep fluids up, meaning they stay productive and meet targets.

If you do know that they like to exercise, this gift idea is great. Its insulation keeps the contents cool so the drinks taste very refreshing after a hard session.

Plus, it looks stylish so you will have the rest of the team wishing you drew them for Secret Santa this year.

5. Pedometer

Staying on the health front, it’s so important to keep track of activity. Doctors recommend taking 10,000 steps a day to live a healthy lifestyle. However, for colleagues that work in an office, they can spend the majority of their day sitting in a chair.

Getting them a pedometer is a cool gift idea for colleagues (here’s a really good independently reviewed list). They can keep an eye on the number of steps during the day. This could encourage them to take short regular walks and get their steps in.

Healthier colleagues mean better productivity and end results – a win-win for them and the company.

6. Mini Photo Frame

Most people like to decorate their desks. One way to do this is with a photo of their loved ones. If your colleagues don’t have one, you could get them a mini photo frame to sit at their desks.

All your colleague needs to do is fill it with a picture of their choice. It could be a picture of them with their partner, their children or pets. Either way, you’ve done your part by getting the frame.

It’s a really cool gift for colleagues and gives you a way to bond on a more personal level with them. This one is a great example; it looks great and will add a touch of class to their desk.

7. Wireless Presenter

This is a really cool gift for a colleague if you know their job involves a lot of public speaking, such as trade shows or a member of a sales team.

Speakers need to take control of their room, otherwise, they risk looking unprepared. The work environment is so competitive that hiccups can lead to losing a new client.

A wireless presenter is perfect to prevent this from happening. As they present, they can point to their presentations with confidence and keep the audience engaged. It adds an extra level of professionalism to meetings which will add to the client’s confidence in your colleague.

8. Office Achievement Award

If you are looking for a gift idea that will lighten the mood or serve as an ice-breaker if you have never worked with a colleague much, this is a great gift idea.

One of the most important aspects of a team is high morale. And nothing beats acknowledging what your colleagues go through every day and rewarding them for their efforts.

While there may not be mountains to climb or dragons to slay in the office, the real wins are found by making it out of the meeting room in one piece.

These should be celebrated – and that’s exactly why you should get them this office achievement award.