Is Symmetrical Speed Internet Better?


With over 192 million people using the internet and over 500,000 new users every day, having good internet speeds is imperative in our day and age. However, sometimes we can find ourselves experiencing slow download and upload speeds every day, which is a real pain.

However, with symmetrical speed internet, more and more people are completely avoiding this issue and getting blazing fast internet! If you haven’t heard about symmetrical speed or you’re curious to learn about what it can do for you, stick around. We’re about to answer that question!

What Is Symmetrical Speed

Symmetrical speed is when your download and upload speeds are the same. This can be important if you’re doing a lot of online activities that require uploading, like live-streaming or video conferencing. Symmetrical speed can also be helpful if you work from home and need to regularly send large files:

Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical Bandwidth

As we stated before, symmetrical speed is when your download and upload speeds are the same. Asymmetrical bandwidth, on the other hand, is when your download and upload speeds are different.

For example, if your upload speed is 5Gbps, then your download speed will also be 5Gbps. This is symmetrical speed. However, with an asymmetrical connection, your download speed could be 100Mbps while your upload speed is only 10Mbps.

Because most internet providers are still using antiquated copper wires in their networks, they are unable to provide symmetrical speeds. These companies will offer you download speeds of 200-250Mbps, but the upload speeds will still be under 100Mbps.

The Importance of Symmetrical High-Speed Internet

Now that we know symmetrical speed is when your download and upload speeds are equal, let’s take a look at why symmetrical high-speed internet is so important.

As we stated before, symmetrical speed can be very beneficial if you’re working from home and need to regularly send large files. With symmetrical speed, you won’t have to wait around for minutes or even hours for files to upload.

Another great benefit of symmetrical speed is that it’s great for live-streaming and video conferencing. If you’ve ever tried to do either of these things with regular internet speeds, then you know how frustrating it can be when the connection starts lagging or cutting out.

Symmetrical Internet is good for:

  • Students
  • Businesses
  • Telecommuters
  • Content creators
  • Gamers

Fiber Internet

When talking about symmetrical internet, a popular question that comes up is “is fiber internet symmetrical?” and yes, it is fiber internet!

If you want symmetrical speed internet, then the best option is to go with a fiber-optic connection. Fiber optic cables are much better than copper wires and provide faster internet speeds.

Faster Internet Speeds in 2022

Symmetrical speed internet is becoming more and more popular because it offers the same download and upload speeds. This can be very beneficial for people who work from home, students, businesses, telecommuters, content creators, and gamers.

In 2022, symmetrical speed will become even more popular as providers switch to higher internet speeds.

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