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Car Accidents That Take Place When on Vacation

Everyone looks forward to a fun-filled vacation to unwind and recharge for the remainder of the year. But, unfortunately, getting involved in a car accident while on vacation is not unusual. Whether you are a foreigner or local, you have a right to compensation in case of injuries.

In Florida, like in most other states, car accidents increase during the vacation.  If you get involved in a car crash, remember that Benenati Law Firm in Kissimmee, FL is at your service.    Getting an experienced lawyer to help with your claims is the key to a fair judgment and faster and better compensation.

Why Do Many Accidents Occur During Vacations?

Accidents occur when least expected, but most cities have their highest crash numbers during the vacations. Here are some of the reasons for the vacation accident surge: 

  •         Drunk Driving

During the vacations, many people have no qualms enjoying their favorite alcoholic drink. This is because they have lots of free time and company, which can lead to overindulgence. If such drivers get behind the wheel, it becomes a matter of when – not if – a crash will occur.

It is important to know that drunk driving is an offense, attracting different levels of fines and jail terms. For example, a driver who causes serious physical injuries while driving under intoxication commits a third-degree felony attracting a fine of $5000 and below or a five-year jail term.

  •          Road Unfamiliarity

Many tourists travel on a particular road for the first time during a vacation. They have little experience using such roads and may require several days to get used to it. Unfortunately, time might be a limiting factor and before you know it, there is a crash.

These crashes mainly happen when drivers can’t get around the complexity of some roads. Foreign tourists visiting from countries that keep to the left may find it challenging to stick to the USA’s right. In the ensuing confusion, an accident can happen anytime.

  •         Distraction

Distracted driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. Drivers using location apps on their phones or making a phone call while driving may not pay full attention to the road, increasing the chances of a crash.

Distracted drivers are dangerous. They can swerve from one side of the road to another and cause serious injuries. If you notice such behavior from the car behind or in front of you behaving erratically, consider changing lanes carefully.

  •         Increased Motor Vehicles

With an increase in the number of road users during the vacations, roads get chaotic and messy. The increased number of drivers in itself is a problem, considering some may be under the influence of alcohol and hard drugs. It is even worse when a good number of these drivers are unfamiliar with the roads.

  •         High-Stress Levels

While vacations make us all happy, they come with their downsides. Back to back shopping in crowded stores, coupled with traffic snarl-ups, can wear down even the most composed driver. If you feel overwhelmed by the vacation craze, using a cab or ordering for home deliveries will ensure you do not put yourself or your family at risk of accidents.

  •         Faulty Vehicles

You will be surprised at the number of drivers who neglect their vehicles during the vacation. Some have too much to do, while others prefer to use the money meant for servicing their cars and doing repairs to fulfill other needs.

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident during the vacations, please ensure your safety and that of other parties first.  You can then go ahead to contact an attorney to give you a step-by-step guide and ensure you receive compensation for any damages and injuries.