Combining charity work and travel – the best destinations

One of the most worthwhile and compassionate things we can all do with our lives is get involved with charitable work in some shape or form. Indeed, this is becoming very popular with many people now, who recognize the hardships that some people face in life and do what they can to help. This extends from celebrities helping to raise awareness of issues to ordinary people giving their time or money to help charitable causes.

Of course, there are many valuable charitable organizations domestically that you could help out. The Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organization is a classic case in point. This effective non-profit charity uses all the money it raises to help single parents, wounded war veterans, and allow disadvantaged students to study engineering. By helping causes like this, you are doing your bit to make society a better place.

But what if you want to travel while you help people? In this case, you would need to think about signing up for international projects or charities that would involve volunteering to help out overseas. But which are the best countries to travel to not only to help the local population but also experience new cultures and new things?


When you think of the ancient history that Peru has to take in and the beauty of the Andes mountain range, it is no surprise that this comes top of many volunteering lists. There are also a huge choice of projects to help out on here, from jungle conservation to medical missions and construction. This means that you are likely to find the ideal charity work that you will enjoy doing.

Much of the work you could travel here to do revolves around improving the life of Peru’s rural communities. This is perfect for the traveler wanting to see the real Peru as you get direct access to the local culture and welcoming people. When you have a day off, there are some stunning sights to see here and trails to walk. A visit to Lake Titicaca is also worth making the effort for, as is a visit to Cusco or Lima.

Costa Rica

Moving across from South America towards the Caribbean, we have Costa Rica. As with Peru, there are some great projects to help out on here, including after-school help and medical check-up work. For those who like to engage in more active work, building schools and laying roads is also on offer. As well as helping people out, the real draw here is the warm welcome. The locals are very friendly and will make you feel right at home. This gives you an ideal chance to brush up on your Spanish! This is a country with some great national parks too, so a wander around these on your days off is sure to impress.


India is home to over one billion people, and this means that there is always great demand for people to help out with charitable work there. When it comes to combining true adventure with helping others, it is hard to beat. You can help with many things here from education for poor kids to building rural infrastructure or giving out medical supplies. India is also a glorious country to explore with seriously good food, a vibrant pace of life, and lots of sun for those who like it hot. There are also many fabulous places to visit here from Bangalore to Mumbai and beyond. Some of the charitable projects you could help out on here are short term, so you could even hop from one to another to see more of this huge country.


Although only a small country, Nepal attracts lots of visitors due to it being home to Mount Everest. This is great for the local economy but is causing environmental problems. By volunteering to help here, you can clean up the mess left behind by tourists and restore villages to their former glory. Still recovering from a huge earthquake in 2015, this country also has opportunities to help out with building vital infrastructure and providing health care. In terms of travel, this is a great place to visit for those who like adventure. It is cheap to live here, and the stunning scenery and hiking trails are second to none.

Helping out abroad is a great way to travel

Surely one of the best ways to travel is to help out those in need abroad. You not only get to see a new country and create some great memories to bring home but also make a real difference to the world. The connections you forge with those you help will make you feel good and will stay with you forever. If you are thinking of a place to head to that is good for travel and charity work, then the above options are worth considering.