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Common Household Pests to Watch Out For

There are a a lot of myths surrounding household pests and unfortunately for many they genuinely don’t believe that they’ll ever have to look into finding a responsible pest control company. The fact of the matter however is that having a well built and clean home is not always a surefire way to avoid getting pests, and that is why it is well worth you knowing what kind of pests you may find in your property.

To help you do just that, we have put together a little list of the most common pests which you may very well find lurking in your home.


Flies may appear harmless but they are still considered a pest and whilst one or two in the home may not be the end of the world, it is worth monitoring the situation. The danger which flies bring is that they land on so many surfaces and materials that they can very easily pick up and transport harmful bacteria and germs.

Bed Bugs

Just a couple of bed bugs can quickly turn into a swarm and that is why you must be vigilant when it comes to these little critters. Despite their name, bed bugs also live in the tiny cracks in walls, and they can make their way into just about every crevice. These bugs feed on the human body, they are tough to contain and they will require professional help to get rid of.


The ability of the humble ant to find food is quite astonishing and no matter how sealed you believe your home to be, these militant insects will find a way in. Much like bed bugs, if you see some ants in your home then it always makes sense to call in the professionals, to check whether or not there is an infestation to worry about.


It is generally black rats which are found in homes around the US, usually they reside underneath the property or in the plumbing system. Signs of an infestation include rat droppings, if you see them then you need to call someone as soon as possible. Not only do rats carry many infectious diseases, they are also prone to nibbling through electrical cables which will present a fire hazard.


A termite infestation is something which you really should look to avoid happening, because these little wood-loving creatures cause more damage to a property than any others on this list. On average, a termite infestation will cost the property owner between $7,000 and $8,000. What makes things worse if you do end up with termites in your home, is that the large majority of home insurance policies don’t cover the costs associated with the damage done by the infestation.

Are Woodland Animals in the Attic?

You need to cages around the outside of the house to catch squirrels, and you should ask your pest control expert how to close up the places where the pest came in to insure squirrel removal is successful.

This is  just a small selection of the many pests which you may find in your home, and it is why you should always ensure that you are aware of the signs to look for. If you have even the slightest suspicion of pests, be sure to call the experts.