Cool Mobile Gadgets & Accessories

Smartphones have become modernised with time. We all know how these gadgets were created to ease our day to day activity or to make people look more updated with technologies. Others find it a passion and are obsessed with new technologies. They head out to purchase one as soon as it got released. Most gamers play on the go. And some might pay attention to the graphic and compatibility factors of a mobile phone before purchasing them. After all, it should support their favourite games!

But if you are playing at no need to worry about these. The games are optimised all iOS and Android devices and most smartphones and tablets can allow you to play the best of live casino games.

The all-time Sit-stand Laptop Desk!

Let us take a moment and appreciate the foldable stand for laptops and smartphones. This gadget does help and eases people’s lives for the following reasons:

    • It comes with magnetic straps for a better connection
    • It is compatible with any device, smartphone, or laptop.
    • You can fold it to the size of a notebook
    • Easily gets into your backpack
    • Maintains the device securely
  • You can adjust the standing mode, for instance, the height of the stand accordingly.

How about an inCharge 6?

The inCharge 6 is a portable charger but not like other chargers. This lightweight device comes with many functions such as:

  • A 6 is a 6 in 1 connecting cable, this helps in connecting with a USB, Micro USB, etc to Lightning
  • You can carry them on your backpack and it even fits in your wallet.
  • inCharge 6 also comes in a magnetic form so the ends are attached. 

We all need a Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

What is more romantic and beautiful than a Night Light Bluetooth Speaker. It has a soothing and dim light where you can play any music you want and has a romantic dance with your partner. The Bluetooth speaker is known as Shava! It has certain advantages such as:

  • It can also be used as a table lamp!
  • It is wireless
  • You can bring it wherever you want

The ultimate Phone Ring Holder Finger Kickstand

We all must’ve seen a ring holder finger kickstand! This is used to prevent your phone from slipping your hands, It comes with designs of your choice and you can also personalise it! This gadget is useful as:

  • You can put your phone wherever you want
  • You can watch movies, video calls, and even play games without having to hold your phone.
  • You can also attach it to a surface and take pictures or do Tiktok videos.

It is more than an adjustable Phone Tripod!

To all the Selfie lovers out there, this might interest you! This tripod has it all when it comes to taking pictures. 

  • It is adjusted to the perfect angle because of its unique octopus style legs
  • It is durable and you can take group pictures.
  • It can be positioned to your preferred style and can be used with GoPros, webcams, or cameras.

Which one is your favourite gadget?