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Dialing in Espresso for a Perfect Cup of Joe Every Morning

Do you need a caffeine fix to help kickstart your morning?

If so, don’t worry. You’re not alone. And this article is here to help you get through those strenuous early mornings.

Research shows that around 85% of Americans consume at least one cup of coffee at home. Whether it’s the delicious taste or the feeling of being alive in the morning, it is a staggering amount.

People drink even more in Europe. In Finland, workers must legally get two 10 minute coffee breaks in the day.

But you’re here to learn how to start dialing in espresso for a perfect cup of joe.

And you can do so by reading this article until the end!

The Coffee Dosage

The coffee dosage refers to the amount of coffee you put into your group handle. 

Many come with a number on the back that shows how much coffee they can hold. So start with measuring out on a weighing scale how much you need. Many hold around 18-22 grams. 

Tamping the Coffee

Next, you need to tamp the coffee. Tamping the coffee is compressing it down so the water can pass through. If you press down too hard, your coffee will taste burnt and bitter, if you don’t press it enough, it will taste weak.

The key is to press down with medium pressure and make sure you have a smooth and flat surface.

The Yield

The yield is the wet weight of the coffee. It is the coffee that passed through the group handle and is now in your coffee cup.

Water ratios help define the yield. Professional baristas recommend using a 1:2 coffee to water ratio. So if you used 20 grams of coffee grains, you should use 40mls of water. 

But for dialing in a dark roast espresso, you should try a 1:1.5 ratio. And for dialing in light roast espresso, use a 1:2.5 ratio.

The Brew Time

It should take between 28 to 33 seconds for the water to pass through your coffee grounds. If it comes out too fast, you didn’t compress it enough, and if it takes longer, you pressed it too hard.

There is also the possibility that your coffee grounds are too big or too small. Many baristas refer to this as rocks and sand. If water passed through rocks, it would come out too fast, and it would take longer if it passed through the sand.

The machine you use can also determine how you dial your coffee. So do your research when choosing an espresso machine

Taste and Examine the Espresso Shot

If you want to learn how to dial an espresso to your liking, you need to get a journal and take notes.

The water may have passed through the grounds too slowly, but maybe you like your coffee that way. So take notes on what you do like, what you don’t like, and how it was made.

Start Dialing in Espresso

Dialing in espresso does take time and a little bit of research. But it’s worth it when you can brew the perfect cup of joe every morning. And you can call yourself the barista king.

So get straight to work and discover how you enjoy your coffee!

When you’re finished, come back to read our blog to learn more ways to get to most out of your food and drink!