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The Differences Between Human Hair and Synthetic Hair Extensions

Hair extensions in general have come a long way over recent years. To such an extent that it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions by sight alone.

But does this mean that synthetic extensions are just as good as human hair extensions? Or are there distinct advantages to one or the other?

The short answer – natural hair extensions continue to win the approval of experts and everyday customers alike.  Regardless of whether you’re opting for tape-in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions or any other popular extensions, the natural option brings a number of unique advantages to the table.


For example, while synthetic hair extensions typically last between four and 12 weeks, quality natural extensions are designed to last up to a year – sometimes even longer with proper care. This means that while natural hair extensions may be more expensive, they represent superior value for money.


While there are some synthetic extensions on the market that can tolerate heat, most will melt or break down when using heated styling tools. By contrast, human hair extensions are safe to use with styling tools in the same way you would with your natural hair.


As human hair extensions are a 100% natural product, it’s true to say that they require slightly more maintenance than their synthetic counterparts. However, regular maintenance – as you’d perform with your natural hair anyway – can help keep natural extensions looking far superior for longer. You’re also far less likely to damage natural extensions when going about everyday styling in general.


One of the biggest advantages of natural hair extensions is the way in which they can be coloured safely. The natural human hair used to create them responds to conventional colouring treatments in exactly the same way as the rest of your hair. With synthetic extensions, colour treatments are entirely out of the question as the chemicals would cause permanent damage to the fibres.


The very best synthetic hair extensions on the market can look almost undetectable from the real thing. However, synthetic extensions are also prone to begin degrading and looking somewhat unnatural within a matter of weeks.  This means that while the synthetic option may look equally attractive at the moment of purchase, this isn’t the case as time passes.


Typically speaking, human hair extensions are significantly more expensive than synthetic extensions. Particularly if going for one of the highest-quality options available. Nevertheless, as natural extensions last exponentially longer, they also represent much better overall value for money. Especially when factoring in their versatility in terms of styling, colouring and so on.

Key Takeaways…

While synthetic hair extensions represent an attractive budget-friendly option, there’s simply no improving upon natural human hair. Particularly if you’re looking for something long-term, it’s worth considering the natural option before going ahead with a synthetic alternative.

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