Top Beauty Trends for 2018

The new year is almost upon us and January 2018 will no doubt bring with it a renewed desire to get in shape, and bring the beautiful you back! Each year brings with it a variety of different trends whether it be hair, nails, skin treatments or ways to relax and 2018 is no different. If you want to make sure that you are right on top of the latest beauty trends, here is what you can expect in the world of beauty in the coming year.


Nails seem to get weirder, wackier and way more beautiful each and every year and we caught up with nail experts Ellisons to get an idea as to what kind of nail designs you should be rocking in the new year. The checkerboard/ska design of black and white checks was super hot in the summer and this style looks set to continue into 2018. Another hotly tipped color-style for the coming year is also gold, a classy and stylish color to put on your nails, we have already seen some people opt for this color over the Christmas period and this also looks set to carry on into the early months of the new year. And finally, nail trends look set to get a lot more simple and fresh this year as pastel and neutral colors replace garish designs.


Hair is so versatile that the trends change pretty rapidly, here are some of the styles which you should be rocking in the coming year. Natural curls have been edging their way into fashion and this year will see this go way more mainstream, put the straighteners down ladies and let the natural curls go wild. The dirty blonde look is something else which we anticipate for 2018, a look which would have been criminal a decade ago but these days the dark roots/blonde tips combination is a great look. Retro looks set to come into the hair trends of 2018 as the classic 90s scrunchie comes back into play, match it with your dress or jeans for a cool and trendy look.


Some of us stick to the makeup styles that we know makes us look good but for those who want to stay on point with their look, here is what we can expect in 2018. Lashes are going to take over where the ‘bold eyebrow’ took off as more and more people look to get extensions and thick mascara to bring out the beauty in their lashes. We also expect to see dramatic and colorful eyeshadows this year, stark contrast from the neutral colors which 2017 has been all about. It isn’t just the eyes that will look bold this year, big lips are well and truly coming into fashion and if you want to stay trendy, look for lip tints and lip treatments which will plump those babies up!

If you do plan on indulging in some of the coming year’s beauty trends, make sure that you get it professionally done at the salon, so that you can get the most professional look possible.