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DIY Projects That You Can Do With Your Partner

Recent studies have shown that one of the hottest things that a man can do for a woman, is to get deep down and dirty with some DIY. Whether it is the use of hands, the messy clothes or perhaps just a man finally doing the job which you’ve asked him to do for months is uncertain but we cannot argue with facts. With this in mind then, why not start your very own DIY project with your partner so that you can build something together and do something different than sitting in front of the television. If this sounds like it is up your alley, here are some ideas for you both.

Herb Garden

Planting and gardening together are seen as great ways to strengthen you relationship and if you want to get philosophical about it, you can watch your love grow with the flowers that you have planted. In all honesty, maintaining flowers and plants can be tough and so the best way to take on this project with your partner is to make a herb garden together. The painting bit maybe easy but you can both get novel with what you put the plants in and where they go.

House Scribbling

A great DIY hack for you and your partner is to use chalkboard paint around the house when you redecorate. After doing so you can both get busy with chalk and write sweet nothings to each other around the house. Equally you could use this for unique decorations, or even to scold one another should you so wish.

Beer Brewing

There is no DIY project quite like brewing your own beer and you and your partner can not only have fun in taking your home-brew through each delicate step, you can also have a great time once it is done. Doing something like this project can be a lot of fun and also give you both a feeling of real achievement, regardless of how it turns out in the end.

Get Wood

Wood presents us with limitless possibilities and if you are looking to inject some fun back into your relationship, simply grab some ply wood, some nails and a few tools, and see what you can make. You could even turn this into a competition between you and your partner to see who can make the most attractive piece. A little bit of healthy competition can work wonders for your relationship.


There is nothing wrong with taking memorable items from your time together and getting creative to turn them into a decoration for your household. Not only will you enjoy the walk down memory lane that these items will give you but you will also have a lot of fun as you stick your old movie tickets and photographs together in a creative fashion.

Remember that it is not the end result that is the most important when you are undertaking a DIY project with your loved one, it is about spending time together and having a laugh with one another.