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Dressing to Impress, How Women Should Dress for a First Date

For all of the ladies out there who are looking to impress on their first date, the initial challenge starts at home with your wardrobe choice. It can be difficult to get the clothes just right for that first date as on the one hand you want to show off your best side and on the other you don’t want to reveal too much. There is certainly a fine balance to be struck here and if you are stuck as to what to wear on your first date, here are some tips on how to look the part.

Dress the Occasion

There is no point in wearing your little black dress if you are going to a bar or the movies on your first date or your jeans at vest top if you are going to a night in a fancy restaurant. The first thing that you need to think of when it comes to a first date is where you are going, and what the dress code is likely to be.

Skin, But Not Too Much

There is absolutely nothing wrong with flashing a bit of skin on your first date, in fact it should be actively encouraged, but remember that less is always more in this regard. Use areas of your body which are less sexual than others when bearing the flesh, neck and shoulders is usually the best bet. Doing this offers an impression of nudity, without appearing anything like it and it can help you to feel and look very sexy.


The key to looking great on your first date is to keep it simple, don’t try anything that is too far out of the box or anything that could come across as garish. Remember that this first date is about getting to know your date, and them getting to know you, the last thing you want is for them to be staring at your outrageous choice of clothing all night, instead of your face.


Just because you are going on a date, does not mean that you shouldn’t dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Feeling comfortable in your clothing can help you to feel comfortable in what could potentially be an awkward night. There are many styles and options available for you if you are trying to stay comfortable and look great, you do not have to go out in your slouch pants in order to feel comfortable.

Height Matters

When it comes to which shoes you should wear, you should base this upon how tall your date is, assuming that you know. If you wear heels and your date is a small guy, you are going to make him feel uncomfortable and awkward, the same goes for flats with a tall man. Aim to lift yourself to around the same height as your date when it comes to picking shoe wear, this should even the score nicely.

What is your favorite outfit for a first date? Let us know in the comments section below.