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6 Budget Hacks to Give Your Garden The Makeover It Deserves

The garden can be a real pain can’t it? When the sun is shining and you want to sit outside, you suddenly get ideas about how to transform your garden space, yet when the rain and cold arrive, the last place you want to spend your money is in the garden. There is no reason however that you cannot find a happy medium when it comes to your garden and we have some great garden hacks which you can use to spruce up your garden, without spending the Earth.

Antique Metal

If you are not green fingered then it makes sense to decorate your garden with items rather than pretty plants and flowers. Some of the items that you should be looking at in this regard are antique metallic objects, the rustier the better. Antique metal really works well in the garden, it perfectly juxtaposes between the fresh environment and things like bike wheels, kettles and old pots, give the garden a vintage and attractive look.


Mirrors can prove to be great additions to your garden and they can not only add an element of style but they can also spread the sunlight around and give the appearance of a larger space. You don’t have to go to your nearest IKEA to pick up mirrors for the garden, you can simply pick some up at a thrift shop or even use old mirrors from your home.

Novel Pots 

Assuming that you are not planning to spend hours in the garden pruning plants, you should look for alternative ways to add some color and life to your garden. If you put plant beds in then you are going to need to work hard to maintain them. Instead of this you can look to novel ways of using items as plant pots to make the garden look great. Think about things such as old wellington boots, hanging shoe racks and even colorful buckets so that you can still have plants in the garden, without the necessary maintenance.

Main Event 

You do not need to invest in the garden on the whole if you are trying to make it look better and investing in a single main event can be enough to transform your outdoor space. Here you could like at choices such as decking, water features or even a pond to give your garden a real showpiece.


Pallets can be your best friend when giving your garden a budget makeover and you can use them for decking, plant pots or even garden furniture. Pallets are easy to work with, simple to get ahold of and more importantly, very cheap.


Think about sectioning off your garden to give the appearance of one that is well kept. Avoid plant beds and huge areas of grass and instead look to sand, rocks and gravel to create a sectioned off and aesthetically appeasing garden space.

It is understandable if you don’t want to part with a great deal of money on your garden but that is not to say you shouldn’t do anything, go budget and give your garden the make over it deserves.